The Island That Changed Everything

Shannon has always hated Faith, and Faith has never known why. But when Faith discovers an Island and decides to share it with Shannon, she discover a little bit more about Shannon than she attened too......


3. The Flora's - Faith


After I showered, finding what to wear was the difficult part.

I had so much to wear, so much to prove....yet I was completely clueless. Maybe my holister tracksuits? No wait, Shannon would hate that. Infact, the whole rose clique would hate that, probably because I'm not one of them.

In my school, our cliques are all named after flowers. Roses, Lilies,Hollies and Flora's. The clique's all have have meanings and profiles, just to make sure you are exactly as they want you to be. To them, no-one should be individual. However, I think individuality is the one thing that changes up, separates us from a normal crowd. That's why I;m in the Flora's.


The Flora's are unique, individual,Chaos lovers. Basically, the trouble makers. They misbehave in class, fight in the fields and are completely wild. That's me. I'm known as the alpha of the Flora's. It's promising.

Shannon is the leader of the Roses. They're so elegant, special and talented – the top of the charts. And they have to chic.

The Lilies are hyper, fun and super nice. But, can a little bit unpredictable. Hollies are sweet and shy creatures, cute in appearance and personality. Super adorable. None as high as the Roses though. None as cruel either,


Soon, I decided I didn't care about what the Roses thought and went for the Flora style, me style. I chose a camouflage top, black tie-dye vintage skinny jeans and doc marten boots. To me, I looked perfect.


I crept down stairs to find that everyone was gone and the time was 8:45. I was going to be late. Quickly, I put on my black watch and grabbed my lunch, cramming it into my purple just do it bag. Then, I ran all the way to school.

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