The Island That Changed Everything

Shannon has always hated Faith, and Faith has never known why. But when Faith discovers an Island and decides to share it with Shannon, she discover a little bit more about Shannon than she attened too......


1. The Cottage - Faith


The Island That Changed Everything.

I woke up, the sun streaming in through my curtains, spotlighting my hair, begging to be let in. My hair looked almost blonde. I opened the shades and was at once greeted by singing bluebirds. This time, their song was soft and foolish, full of all things pure. It calmed me instantly.


I walked through for breakfast, still in my Pjs, approaching the table. The room was bring and had a white corner bench in the left, matching kitchen equipment. And a flat screen TV hanging on the wall. It was showing the news.

As the weather turned on, I sized the remote and changed to Kid TV, where Big time rush was on.

“Oh No, you don't.” Came a voice behind me. I was suddenly lifted into the air and swirled, leaving me in fits of giggles. It was dad, his brown hair tousled and wild, his eyes crystal blue, laughing. He was always so happy.

“Hey, Sweetie.” He smiled. “How's my special little princess?” I chuckled, flicking my hair.

“Fine, Dad.” I climbed onto his lab and his arms instantly caught me, wrapping round.

“Ready for school?” My smile faded. He knew I hated school. I gave him my, Don't even go there look.

Don't give me that look. Oh, it was a question. Come on, here.” He gave me a pound coin, “It's non-uniform day, right? Wear something pretty.” He ruffled my hair.

As I smiled, mum placed 4 pancakes under my nose, dusted with sugar, topped with chocolate and drizzled with honey.

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