Beach with Harry Styles.

Imagine it was a great day outside and you decided to go to the beach. When you arrived you notice a really hot lifeguard. You forget about him and set your towel down. You laid on the towel sunbaking for about 10 minutes. It was getting hot so you decided to go for a swim. You weren't a strong swimmer but you were alright. You turned you back on a wave. That was a bad idea because it hit you and sent you crashing into the water. You were struggling to get up when suddenly someone grabbed you. He carried you to the sand and asked if you were alright. You said you were. Then he says "i'm Harry by the way"
"Thanks for saving me, Harry"
"i'm only doing my job"
He then kissed you passionately. "here is my number so call me maybe?" he said while walking away.


2. Love with Harry

Later on that night you decided to call Harry, and you talked for hours and about midnight you heard something outside your window and then someone knocked on your door. You got a shock and you opened the door and it was Harry, you said '' come in'' and he walked in. A few minutes after you closed the door he started to kiss you very softly and later you decided to watch a romantic movie and have fun all night.

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