Death on Seagull island

I always thought there were Ghosts on this Island. I wondered what they wanted. I guess I know now...


1. Mommy's dead

I could feel a chill run through me as I stared at the cellar door. Whats behind it? I'm going to open it, I thought. The moldy floorboards creak  under my feet as I slowly walk to the door. My hand reaches out and grasps the door knob. Suddenly my big brother, Jeff, runs into the room. His face is extremely, even with his tan. 

"Millie" His voice cracks and a tear rolls down his cheek. Something is wrong, Jeff never cries. I run up to him and take his hand.

"Whats wrong?"

"Its mom" Oh god, I think, she'll have thrown out his TV or something.

"Shes dead" My eyes widen. I can't believe he would joke about some thing like that. We both hate mom but we would never say such a thing.

"Jeff, Millie where are you?" Dad! Maybe Jeff isn't lying. No! Please let it be a joke. I run to the general direction of dads voice. Jeff follows me. I turn round the corner of the upstairs corridor

"Not there Milli" Shouts Jeff. I see why. Lying there in the doorway of our bathroom is moms arm, covered in blood.

I stop. I look for the rest of the body. There isn't one. I open my mouth and scream.




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