Tales of Sabaderia

The queen has risen to power and Shadow is the only one who can stop her from taking over Sabaderia. With help from her master Zubu, Shadow and her friends must kill the queen before its too late.


4. The strategy


Adravak appears behind him. He puts his hand on his shoulder.

"Don't Valeon you'll just annoy Zubu and it'll be a pain to replace her now", Valeon withdraws his sword. But he bends down leveling his face with mine. I turn my head so I can't see him.

"Don't be like that, give it a few days and you'll be swooning around me", god he makes me sick. Seeing this he leans forwards and plans an alcohol laced kiss on my lips. He gins triumphantly.

"Now then mortals calm down, we must plan our battle strategy" Etia's voice surprisingly silky. I sat my self on a wooden bench next to a table littered with maps. Valeon sits next to me with a goblet of wine in his hand. I look at those seated around the table. Adravak, Etia, Valeon and Wolfadaus, also a young girl about 12 and a figure with a mask on.

"I think you can take the mask off now", says Adravak. The man slowly lifts up this fingers and unhooks the mask from his face. ZUBU! I am on my feet in a flash but Valeon grips my wrist and slams me back onto the seat. He leans forward.

"Don't make a fool of yourself" He whispers. I'm angry and he doesn't know what Zubu has done to me.

"I'm not staying in the same room as him", my eyes signaling to Zubu,"He raped me then sold me onto his friends so they could do the same". A smile escapes my lips as the room falls silent  and everyone stares at Zubu.

"Can't blame you Zubu, she's a fine looking woman", I glare a Valeon as he speaks.

"Anyway", Adravak says, desperate for some order,"Our strategy?"

"I don't know how we are going to get there, we'll have to just go with the follow on that but how are we going to get into the castle? Any ideas?" Says Wolfadaus.

"I can sneak in and find a way to let you in", the little girl pipes up in an annoyingly squeeky voice.

"OK then Antiu that would be helpful, but the big question , Zubu, is who do you want to kill the queen?" Says Adravak.

Zubu's eyes sweep across the room. His finger points up at me.

"I bet she'll do a good job"

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