Tales of Sabaderia

The queen has risen to power and Shadow is the only one who can stop her from taking over Sabaderia. With help from her master Zubu, Shadow and her friends must kill the queen before its too late.


5. The Madman Returns


Zubu exits the room leaving a wave of confusion. Adravak slams the half open door and turns to me. Suddenly I recognise him. 3 years ago he was the most wanted criminal. I try to remember why he was wanted but my thoughts are interrupted.

"Its only because she slept with him a thousand times", he glares at me," I knew he was going to choose that slag anyway, I mean look at her, she's hardly got any clothes on". Rage sweeps through me. I can't let him say that to me. Then I remember why he was a criminal. A small part of me says not too say it but its overpowered by me fury.

"Well as if he would have chosen a madman like you", I snort, "You can't even control your own temper!"I smile smugly. Massive mistake.

Adravak grabs my throat and thrusts me half a meter into the air. Still at my throat he slams me against the wall, they shake within contact.

"You think this is funny Shadow?", he whispers to me. I pick up hints of danger in my voice. Now is not the time to play up. His muscles ripple as he squeezes at my throat, not enough to choke me but to make breathing hard for me.

"ANSWER ,ME!", he bellows into my face. His voice echoes through my head. The sign of the madman returns through his voice. The others know its too late. He will kill me, he'll probably enjoy it too. I'll bring back days of the past where he used to slice his victims open after killing them and bathe in their blood and then...

He falls to the floor motionless. A pool of blood forms underneath his body. In alarm I drop to his side and turn his body around. Lodged into the space right in the middle of his spine, is a small axe. Its the size of my hand. I pull it out, it makes a disturbing squelching sound. It makes shivers run down my body. Apart from the blood there is a dark blue liquid smeared all over it. . My eyes dart up to Antiu.The axe came from her direction.

"You didn't have to kill him" I mutter. I don't know if its loud enough to hear but Antiu confirms it is by dropping her gaze to her feet. Something makes me feel sorry for her. Being the youngest, she's proberly not used to all this fighting. I move forwards to comfort her, to tell her it's not here fault.

But something grabs my hand before I can. Adravak! I turn to face him. His eyes are blazing with fury.Etia slides beside him. She stokes his head and tries to soothe him. But his eyes are fixed on mine. He doesn't say but I already know. If this happens again. If no one is there to stop him. It won't be the queen killing me. It will be him.

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