Tales of Sabaderia

The queen has risen to power and Shadow is the only one who can stop her from taking over Sabaderia. With help from her master Zubu, Shadow and her friends must kill the queen before its too late.


3. The Immortal


I stare at Adravak. He is a lot more than I expected, not the arrogant lord but a brutal killing machine. He has muscles so large, they nearly pop out of his armour.  He looks young but his scars make him look as if he has spend 60 years in battle. He has knife wounds all over his arms and a long red scar over his left eyelid.

"So then, which one are you?", Adravak's eyes fixed onto me as if he thinks I'm about to throw my knife, still firmly in my hand, at him. Its very tempting. He's looking at me like I'm a flea -infested tramp.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I say, nearly spitting at him. He senses that and shoots me a deadly look.

"We were each chosen for having a talent, we all have different talents and each one is necessary for us to kill the queen"

"Oh, Zubu didn't tell me that", I whisper. I can feel the anger starts to build up inside me and its targeted towards Zubu.

"THAT BASTARD", I scream, my words echoing around the now silent room, "HE ALWAYS LEAVES ME OUT OF THE IMPORTANT THINGS". Eyes across the room stare at me as I pick up a crystal glass and throw it at the wall. I keep on throwing things, glasses, plates, cutlery, until my anger  has left me. I stand there, motionless until Adravak's hand goes on my shoulder and slams me down into a chair. He bends down, his evil snake eyes level with mine and he starts speaking in a voice that's soft but poisonous as well.

"You're the one Zubu sent?", I nod, "OK you must be Sandia, then right?"

"Actually my name is Shadow", I say with my teeth clenched.

"Well then...Shadow, let me introduce you to the rest of us", he gestures to a man with short brown hair and shining azure  eyes. 

"That's Wolfadus, he is a dragon trainer. He has been chosen for his stamina" Adravak's finger points to him. He give a me a little smile. Then the finger moves to a woman on a bench at the table. She's holding a duck leg in her thin fingers. Something about her makes me stare at her. Maybe its her white hair or her pale blue skin.

"That's Etia", he gives her an annoyed look,"She's immortal".

"Yeah and she thinks she better than all of us", says a man with flaming orange hair. He is obviously drunk. He staggers over to me and shoves Adravak out of the way. He places his hand on my cheek and puts his face 3 inches from mine.I can smell the alcohol in his breath. I'm close to vomiting.

"So your Zubu's girl? Why are you with a man like that when you can be with me, hmmm?", I shake my face free of his hand .

"I'm no ones girl" I hiss at him. And then ruefully add,"I would never be with an idiot like you anyway"

I hear the scratch of metal against a blade. Then I see a sharp, glistening sword in front of my shocked face.

The mans eyes glare into mine."Do you want to repeat that?"

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