Tales of Sabaderia

The queen has risen to power and Shadow is the only one who can stop her from taking over Sabaderia. With help from her master Zubu, Shadow and her friends must kill the queen before its too late.


2. The feast


I creep through the long grasses that conceal the moat around Adravak's granite castle. I am careful where I place my feet. It would be fatal falling into his moat. I have heard Adravak likes to keep crocodiles in his moat. Not normal crocodiles, he uses his own creatures that have been trained to kill anything unlucky enough to find itself face to face with it. The tall grass is probably a way to make sure trespassers fall in the mouths of the mutated crocodiles.

After what seems like hours of walking, I finally reach the infested moat. It seems silent, too silent for my liking. But I can't let that worry me. My legs give up and my bottom thuds on the floor. I am famished. I gave myself little time to retrieve food, in the fear that Zubu might already be on his way. I can never see his face again, not after what he did to me.

I reach for my deer skin bag. I have enough time for a break I thought as I retrieve a knife and a loaf of bread.I cut a slice off and spread it with some apple chutney As I go to take a bite, a large figure stands in front of me. I scramble to my feet, thinking it is a crocodile but it reaches out and grabs my arm before I can escape. I grab my knife and dig it deep into the arm. It doesn't show any sign of pain. Instead it swings its other arm and knocks me out.

Dark. I see nothing but darkness. I hate the dark. I never know what is creeping up behind me. I feel numb and unable to move. A light starts to shine in my eyes, growing bigger. My eyes flutter open and I raise my hand to my forehead.

"There she is, finally awake"

I look find the voice. Suddenly a woman's face appears inches in front of mine.

"Are you OK?", She says,"Here have something to eat"

The sight of the food shocks me completely. A long wooden table is filled to the edges with food. Large roasted animals, some that I can't even name, sit in the middle of the table covered in sauces and marinades. Fish, vegetables, pastries, fruit and jellies all the colours of the rainbow sit in between the gaps. I have never saw so much food on one table all at once. I am so astounded by the array of food that I jump when someone talks to me.

"You must be Shadow?", my eyes dart towards the man that asked. Something about him makes me immediately hate him. His eyes say the same.

"Why do you want to know", my voice as hostile as I dare because I don't know if Zubu is still watching me. I don't know if he would want me to trust this man. Who is he? As if he can read my mind , the man answers.

"Because I'm Adravak"


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