Tales of Sabaderia

The queen has risen to power and Shadow is the only one who can stop her from taking over Sabaderia. With help from her master Zubu, Shadow and her friends must kill the queen before its too late.


1. The letter


My legs throb from running. I collapse onto the soft spongy mud, tears already rolling down my checks and dripping onto my bloody hands. My mind in shock. I can't believe I have done it yet why am I crying? Not a good thing to do in the Gerti woods. Deadly creatures hide behind every tree waiting for harmless victims to walk past unarmed.  I can hear something heading towards me. I know these will be my last few seconds.I try to rewind it from the start, to remember how I ended up here. And this is what I can remember... 

I sat skinning the fat rabbit that I just caught. Blood dribbled down my hands but every thirty seconds or so I would wipe it off on my trousers. My fire was already built, it was small but it gave a safe, warm glow to the cave. I live in the North forests of Sabaderia. Its perfect for me, this forest. Full of caves, fruit trees and animals. Rabbits, deer, badger, rats and my favorite, squirrels. I warm feeling ran down my body as I looked around my cave eating a rabbit leg. For the first time in two years I actually felt happy.

The cave was quite small but it was big enough for me. I dried out the long grasses out side and laid them on the floor as a carpet. I used blankets that I stole from the closest village as my bed. I slept at the back of the cave where, when the fire was out, it was hard to see me. 

Food was a worry for at the start. Even though the trees gave fruit in summer, winter was the time I would starve. Until I made myself an axe. It would have been out-shone by those I saw in the villages but it was still use-able. I hunted the woods for its creatures. I hardly ever ran out of food after that. I gathered nuts and fruit as they were plentiful in the area surrounding my cave I found apples, pears and berries every where I turned and I learnt how to preserve them in jars that I also stole. Stealing is punishable by whipping. This law however is sometimes not abide to. The queen created it and its only carried out when she visits the villages or cities of Sabaderia.

I look at one of those jars now glinting as the fire reflects off of it. That's when I see it. A white rectangle with a red seal. I reach out and focus on the seal. NO! It can't be. How did he find me? I rip it open and read...


You have been selected to join a group of creatures on a quest to kill the queen. I myself have put you forwards as I have kept monitor on you in the North forests. I have seen your every move and I am seeing you read this letter right now. I want you to go to Adravaks castle. Upon arriving you should meet those who will be joining you on this quest. If you do not do this then I will personally go to your cave and kill you myself.

The letter has no effect on me, not until I see the name at the bottom.



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