I love The Hunger Games, and books set in the future, so I decided to try something out in that sort of area.

It's about a girl (called Kate), who has lived all her life inside one building. Years ago, an unknown disease spread throughout Britain, and so hundreds of survivors have been hiding in 'Safe Colonies'. This is the story of a girl desperate for freedom.

Sorry if it's terrible-it's my first movella!


2. Shades Of Grey

Rule 1: All inhabitants must work their fair share.

"Kate, darling! Time to get up!"    Awoken by my mum's piercing voice, I blearily rubbed my eyes, reluctant as always to vacate the comfort of my bed. As I sat up, I glanced around my sparsley furnished room. The small, neutral room was impeccably clean (it had to be; rule 19 of the SaBu code) - apart from one battered Thomas the Tank Engine toy. That belonged to my 4 year old brother, Max, with whom I shared this pokey little room.

   Our kitchen was filled with delicious smells of burnt toast (I've always liked that smell?!), rich coffee and ripe fruit. No one has much to eat around here, but of course my mother managed to coax a feast out of the little we had. She had always been an excellent cook (neighbours would often make excuses to come into our apartment when Mum was baking), though she says she got it from Grandma Libby.

   "Hello, earth to Kate?" my mother smiled, waking me from my daydream. "Coffee?" she asked, waving a chipped blue mug in front of me. I nodded, thankful for the shock of caffeine to prepare me for another, dull day ahead. One unevitably filled with school and chores. If you were to live in the SaBu, one of their first rules is that everyone must work, no matter how old you are. Even Max (who was now attempting to shovel cereal into his mouth at 90 miles per hour) was forced to work - just the little jobs though, like fetching clothes to be washed etc. Not that we had much choice; all the jobs were different shades of grey. I'm making the SaBu's sound horrific; yes, they may not be a girl's dream location, however they were nothing compared to what lurks outside these walls.

     "Max!" Mum yelled. I looked up in time to realise my brother had managed to spit out a whole mouthful of Cheerios, all over the -once- pristine table cloth. I could tell my mother was about to fly into one of her infamous rants, so I chose this opportune moment to grab my satchel and head for the door.

      "Bye Mum, see you in the cantine for lunch," I called over my shoulder, as I slammed the door and stepped outside our apartment. Momentarily, I leaned against our door, readying myself for the monotonous day ahead. I glanced down the long line of apartments as I walked, all identical to ours. Basically, the SaBu (or Safe Building) consisted of buildings within buildings: there was the school, then the housing area, the cantine -strictly called the dining area, though no one was posh enough to call it that-, the recreation area and the meeting hall.

       Too quickly, I reached the school doors. Maths, Chemistry, English then Geography. I was not going to enjoy this morning.

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