I love The Hunger Games, and books set in the future, so I decided to try something out in that sort of area.

It's about a girl (called Kate), who has lived all her life inside one building. Years ago, an unknown disease spread throughout Britain, and so hundreds of survivors have been hiding in 'Safe Colonies'. This is the story of a girl desperate for freedom.

Sorry if it's terrible-it's my first movella!


12. Breaking Point

Rule 11: The Minister and his Court speak on behalf of the People, for the good of the People.

   Breathing heavily, I sprinted down the long corridor, trying to be as spy-like as possible. As I came to a stop at the corner, the realisation of how stupid this was dawned on me yet again. I was almost tempted to turn on my heel and go back to my sleeping family, to safety - but instead I gritted my teeth and muttered, "Damn it, Poynter, pull yourself together."

   Dressed all in black I glided swiftly through the corridors, passing unnoticed by incompetent guards. Really, this was easier than expected. I honestly had no idea why I had been frightened in the first place, I told myself...

...and then I almost ran into a guard. Abruptly I swung myself back around the corner, cursing silently. I prayed to God he hadn't seen me, and the next few seconds were surely the longest of my life; me crushed against the wall, eyes shut as I waited to be caught. But nothing happened. Slowly, I opened my eyes. Nope, there were no guards armed with dogs to arrest me. I dared to let out the smallest of sighs.

  After a few more moments I poked my head cautiously around the corner for a heartbeat. Shit. The guard was -typically- the only thing blocking my path to the corridor where the the office was. I tipped my head back against the wall. Maybe he would go and get a coffee or something?

   Five minutes later, and it was obvious I wouldn't have any such luck. Sighing, I gave in to my only other choice: I would have to go the long way round, which would lead me straight past the Minister's private office. Shrugging, I whispered to a far off Alec, "You better be worth it," then turned and fled into the inght.


  "I am the Minister! You must obey me!"
I was crouched directly outside the Minister's office, straining to hear the muffled voices that bled through the door. I glanced up and down the empty corridor, fully aware of how vulnerable my position was. I should go, I thought; yet my legs refused to move. The raised voices coming from inside the room captivated my attention. Unable to resist my curiousity, I leaned closer.

 "You are but a fool,"  another voice sneered back, "No one's listened to you in years, or haven't you noticed? Sir." The Minister started to say something angry back, but I wasn't listening. That other voice, unpleasant and jeering- I knew it. It  belonged to the head of the court I realised with a shock. Lord Hale Baldwin. But why would they be fighting?

 "We must make contact with the other SaBus. What if they've been evacuted, or worse, been taken by the Infected?" The Minister's voice trembled slightly.

 "Oh for God's sake, we don't need the others," snapped Lord Baldwin, "We're just fine on our own. You have your comforts and family, all the people are happy, and I have my power."

 "That's what it's all been about, hasn't it?" The Minister's voice was quiet now, gone was his passion and his words were icy cold. "I had my suspicions about you, when the last Chair of the Court died an early death. Now here's the proof; guards, arrest him!" I waited for the sound of footsteps and chains, however I only heard silence. And then Lord Baldwin laughed a high, cruel laugh.

  "Oh, dear Charles," he chuckled, "Your earnestness amuses me. I have long since bribed the men of the guard to switch their loyalties to me." The Minister swore at him, which only made him laugh harder. "Now, Charles, sir," Lord Baldwin mocked, "I suggest you keep your mouth shut: I don't want to hear rumours of contacting other SaBus or, God forbid, other countries, and certainly no talk of unusual deaths. Because if that happens...well, I know you are rather fond or your little boy, Callum. You wouldn't want anything..nasty happening to him."

  "IS THAT A THREAT?!" roared the Minister. I shivered at the rage and loathing in his voice. 

  "Well, well, would you look at that. Charles McKenzie actually has a brain," came Baldwin's cool reply. Soft laughter laced with poison drifted towards the door along with footsteps, and I took that as my cue to leave.


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