I love The Hunger Games, and books set in the future, so I decided to try something out in that sort of area.

It's about a girl (called Kate), who has lived all her life inside one building. Years ago, an unknown disease spread throughout Britain, and so hundreds of survivors have been hiding in 'Safe Colonies'. This is the story of a girl desperate for freedom.

Sorry if it's terrible-it's my first movella!


11. Armour

Rule 10: The Curfew is for the safety of the citizens. Break it, and you risk punishment.

I watched Max swing his toy round and round in circles, the red and white mixing to match the swirling of my thoughts. My eyes followed the toy flying frantically across the room; Max's laughter reverberated in my ears, bouncing off invisible walls inside my head. I could feel the start of a headache.

"What's wrong, Skye?" I blinked to clear my head, and my eyes focused on Grandma Libby who was looking concerned. She gingerly lowered herself into the armchair next to mine.

"I'm fine," I lied, still trying to rid my head of the swirling colours. Grandma Libby shook her head, smiling slightly.

"You would have been useless at poker, dear," Grandma stated in an amused voice. I had no idea what poker was, but I knew she could tell I was lying.

"What's poker?" I asked, in a futile attempt to distract her. It didn't work. Grandma Libby just pulled her lilac shawl tighter around her -it was always slightly cold here- and raised her eyebrows.

"A story for another day. So tell me now; what has been bothering you lately? You've been like this all week." Grandma leaned back, and waited for me to spill.

I opened my mouth to lie- to tell her anything, anything but the truth. Yet it was the truth that came out; I don't know whether it was the stress, or my worry, but I told her everything about Alec and our escape plan. It was as though the story had been sitting inside my chest, waiting for an opportunity to burst out.

"And now Alec's in the detention room, who knows what they could be doing to him! For all I know they could torture him or worse! And I agreed to go to the office everyday, but I can hardly keep the signal going, let alone widen it!" I finished with a wail. My voice was trembling and I felt shaky. I bit my sleeve to stop myself from breaking down. Grandma Libby gave a small frown, then got up to shuffle around in the kitchen. By the time she came back with a mug of tea, I had got a hold of myself. She pushed the battered mug into my hands, then sat down to study me. I waited, expecting the worst.

"I must say, my dear, I am impressed," Grandma said finally. I stared; shocked. "I always knew you had courage," She looked thoughtfully up at the ceiling, "But to rebel against the Government? That is brave." She smiled proudly, and I smiled weakly back. I was astounded Grandma hadn't reprimanded me for breaking the rules: in fact, she had even lifted my worries slightly.

"But what about Alec?" I asked miserably. It had been a week since he'd been taken, and I was afraid for him.

"Oh, I'm sure he's fine," she replied airily. She met my incredulous look with her own gaze of certainty. "They won't hurt a child. Even if he's hiding information." I breathed a little easier. But Grandma hadn't noticed; she was off in a world of her own.

"Yes, our Government may be a dictatorship, but it believes what it's doing is for our own good. And the Prime Minister's more than a little comfy where he is now, I suspect," she muttered darkly. "But they wouldn't hurt a child - that would be completely immoral...I suppose that can be seen as a weakness; a chink in their armour, even..." Grandma Libby trailed off, quietly ranting about how the ministers had everything they could ever need, whilst the ordinary people had the bare minimum.

But I wasn't listening. Something she said, a chink in their armour, had brought a memory to the surface of my mind. could be just what I needed to widen the signal! I knew what I had to do. It was stupid and reckless, of course, but it could also be the key to freedom.

It was time to break the curfew.

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