I love The Hunger Games, and books set in the future, so I decided to try something out in that sort of area.

It's about a girl (called Kate), who has lived all her life inside one building. Years ago, an unknown disease spread throughout Britain, and so hundreds of survivors have been hiding in 'Safe Colonies'. This is the story of a girl desperate for freedom.

Sorry if it's terrible-it's my first movella!


3. A New Face

Rule 2: If the Law is disobeyed, the perpetrator will be shut in the Detention Room.

  The noise of the canteen hit me like a solid wall, albeit one made up of loud laughter, constant chatter and the squeal of little kids. Straining my neck, I tried to spot my family amongst the overwhelming sea of people. In our SaBu, there are 50,000 people (according the history book, ours is one of the largest in Britain, however there has been no news from the others for decades) - so spotting Max and Mum was no mean feat. And, of course, it did not help that I happened to be shorter than average.

   Finally, I saw two redheads sitting together. Max looked a lot like my mother, they both had the same wild, fiery locks as well as their bright blue eyes. Sometimes it made me feel quite left out. I was told I looked like my father; we had the same strong nose and proud look in our emerald eyes. But truthfully, I hated being reminded of my father every single time I looked in a mirror.

   As I walked over to their table I stumbled slightly. Embarrassed, I heard a low chuckle coming from a boy I'd never seen before. Feeling my cheeks flush, I haughtily looked away as I approached my mother. "Hey"  

"Oh hi darling," Mum said whilst Max grinned, happy to see me. "How was school?" I shrugged. School was always tiresome - I had no interest in any subject other than Art. Plus, after what happened to my father, no one exactly wanted to be my friend, so I spent most of my time sitting alone. Not that I minded. 

Grabbing my tray, I looked for an empty seat. "Umm, Mum, where am I supposed to sit?" I asked feeling stupid just standing there. Mum looked sheepish. "Sorry sweetie, I just couldn't say no." She gestured to the family taking up my place.She started to say something but I cut her off. "It's okay, I'll just find another chair." Inwardly sighing, I turned find that the only empty seat was next to the boy who laughed at me. Hoping he had forgotten the little incident, I angrily plonked down next to him. Sneaking a glance at him, I realised that this mystery boy was actually quite hot. He had chestnut-brown, wavy hair framing a face with deep blue eyes. Screw that, I thought, he was gorgeous.

   When I had first sat down, I had had no intention of talking to him. Now however, despite my wounded pride, I felt my curiosity at this stranger overwhelm me.  

"I haven't seen you round here before?" I said questioningly. He turned to face me suddenly, and I was surprised to be looking straight into those soulful eyes of his. He shrugged, a little hostile.

"I used to live in the other half." Because our SaBu was so huge, it had to be split in two. Therefore, from above this building would look like two wings on a butterfly. Needless to say, it was incredibly rare for a person to cross from one community to the other.  

"Why the sudden move?" I probed, trying (and failing) to be subtle. Now he looked away, suddenly finding the movement in the kitchen very interesting. The new boy was silent for so long I began to doubt I had even asked a question.  

"My father died." I choked on my sandwich, embarrassed I had invaded his privacy.  

"God, I-I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to be rude," I stuttered, looking down. "My father died too, when I was 11." I confessed softly. We were both silent for a while, lost in our own bubble of sadness.  

"What's your name?" he asked, warmer towards me now we had something in common.  

"Kate," I sighed. "Kate Poynter." I had always hated my dull name.

"What about you?"  

"Alec," I stared at him. Unusual names were frowned upon here; some crap to do with everyone being equal and not standing out. Rule 3 in the 'Book Of The Safe Buildings'.  

"Wow, how did your parents get away with that?" I asked, only half joking.

He snorted, amused. "Hell if I know." he paused, thinking. "Hey, the name Poynter...sounds familiar..." I sighed. Great, now my own painful past was about to be dug up. His eyes widened as he realised the truth.  

"No..oh my God! Your father-"   

"Yes I know, funnily enough I've heard the story." I cut him off sharply. "Right I'm done here, now you can judge me because of my father." Grabbing my tray, I was about to storm off, but Alec caught my arm.

He leaned in conspiratorially and whispered, "I think your father was right."  

"What?!" I exclaimed, shocked. I wrenched out of his grip, fuming.

  "No wait, please don't go." he pleaded. I glared at him coldly and raised an eyebrow.   "I have..something to show you," he said carefully. Despite everything, I was intrigued and annoyed at myself for being intrigued. Sensing this, Alec spoke low and fast, as if someone were eavesdropping.   

"Meet me by the maintenance room, while everyone's doing their chores."   

"Oh, and just skip my chores?" I asked sarcastically. He nodded innocently. "It's a criminal offense!"  

Alec looked into my eyes. "C'mon Kate, live a little. Or are you scared?" He cocked his head, his eyes shining mischievously. The combination of the taunt and his using my name made me agree to something i knew I'd regret.

   "Fine. After lunch. I'll be there."

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