The bank robbery

There has been a bank robbery which took place in Leyton. The robbers have stolen all of the money in the bank. The only clue left is a handbag. Was the robbers really girls or were they just a group of men placing a handbag at the crime scene to divert the polices attention???


1. The robbery

"We have just robbed an outstanding value of 100 thousand million dollars!"

I could hear Bobs' voice ringing through my ear. I didn't want to do it but I guess I had to....all because of HER, that girl, the one who made me.....


I hated her to bits. My best friend Amanda or shall I say used to be best friend humiliated me and said that I was a geek. The truth was actually that................................................


She was a geek!!! 


She bullied me and made me do this. I shall regret this my whole life.......


Her face was stuck in my head. the things she did to me just to make a good impression on Bob, My boss. I had to rob the bank by myself because of her. She wanted me to because she wanted to live... Live peacefully with my boss.


I do have to say that I have a crush on my boss. I actually did a clever thing......



I left her handbag at the crime scene YAY!!!


Now, that would mean that she would go to jail and that I could have Bob all to myself but... It didnt work out like that for mee....... :( 

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