<3 Mi Dream Of Being Queen Bee <3

Alexis has always dreamed of being the queen bee!

18 year old Alexis Andrews has always been a geek! Always! And she had had just about had enough of it! Hoping the guy she is crushing on, the hottiest and most popular guy in the school Ashton Parker,will realise her, she decides to give her self a total makeover, from head to toe!

Will her dream of becoming the queen bee of her school come true?

please comment what you think,
and how you think i can make it better :)


1. It Doesn't Hurt To Dream

I had another dream last night:

i was walking down the school halls signing peoples yearbooks as they handed them to me. I walked round the corner and saw Ashton. Ashton had the most gorgeous blue eyes and blonde bieber hair, which he would flip every so often(this would kill me).

As soon as he saw me she smiled and walked over to me and planted a kiss on my cheek. 'hey babe' Ashton whispered in my ear.

That was all I got up to in my perfect dream because I woke up to the sound of my noisy alarm clock buzzing.

Only 1 more day of school i told my self. Today. Then it was the weekend!

I guess it doesn't hurt to dream every once in a while. I hit my alarm clock hoping that it would shut up. It did. I climbed out of bed and walked over to my wardrobe.

I had a full wardrobe but nothing to wear. Finally I choose a plain pair of jeans and a baby pink top.

I went into the bathroom to get my glasses and fix my hair. My glasses were the proper black geek ones. No wonder every one thinks im a geek. So i fix my hair up in a pony tail and head down stairs for breakfast. After breakfast I set off for the bus stop.

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