Trust me

Rose's parents were killed in a mysterious car accident when Rose was 8, she was sent to live with her aunt Maggie and Uncle Sam and their beautiful children Luke and Hannah. Rose is quite unlike other's she can read their minds and that's her job. One day her patient is Zayn and he's got a secret that could change Rose's life. Then Rose needs to forgive Zayn and trust him or never forgive him.


1. Zayn

I sit on my desk my hands staring at the document for my next patient Zayn Malik.

"Zayn Malik please come to room 7" I shout through the speaker my voice echoing through the lobby. A tired worry looking Zayn comes in and sits on the brown chair.

"Hello I'm Rose Felthorne and I'm your consulter I hear you have problems" I ask. Zayn brushes his hair and stares at me.

"How old are you, you can't be more than what 16" Zayn replies.

"Yes, I'm 16 years old but my age is no matter, your problems are" I calmly tell him.

"I haven't got a problem, I'm a celebrity" Zayn shouts.

"Well you do and so what if your a celebrity to me your a regular patient" I answer back. 

"Don't act like your my mother you don't know me" Zayn exclaims. I look at him and can see him in a accident many years back.

"I see you were in a car incident one Thursday 18th" I whisper.

"What are you freak" Zayn shouts.

"I'm no freak, I am a mind reader" I reply.

"Freak" Zayn exclaims.

"I am not a freak Mr.Malik" I explain getting frustrated I hated it when people assumed me as a freak.

"Then what are you, I'm a celebrity show me the respect" Zayn announce.

"No, I will not give you a damn respect I really couldn't give a shit of what you are" I shout. Zayn looks at me and smiles.

"Finally, I was going to say that you acted like a adult but you don't" Zayn laughs

"So what, I'm only a girl you know sorry for my language" I reply trying to calm myself.

"Its ok, yes you are a girl and a pretty one as well do you want to go to my house" Zayn whispers.

"I am not like those girls who would shriek that Zayn Malik was inviting me to his house" I reply. Zayn hands me a red rose and I start crying I remember my mother she loved red roses.

"Are you ok" Zayn asks trying to act concerned.

"I'm ok" I reply wiping my tears.

"What happened" Zayn asks. 

"I was just reminded of my mother she died, you don't know how it feels I cry at night praying I died with her" I cry showing my feelings.

"I do know"  Zayn whispers.

"Oh, I'm sorry" I whisper.

"No, don't be my sister died when I was younger" Zayn mumbles tears trickling down his face.

"I'm so sorry" I reply wiping his tears from his face.

"I guess were on the same boat hey friends" Zayn asks taking out his hand.

"Friends" I mumble placing my hand in his.

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