imagine a world where all you think of is 1D


1. imagine

imagine your kissing harry under the stars then you want to go further but your not sure about him you?

a. keep kissing b. stop c. ask to take it slow d. who cares about what he thinks


imagine your planning yours and zayn's anniversery it is perfect but he wants nothing what do you do?

a. buy him a gift card b. give him money c. asks the other band mates d. dont get him a gift


imagine louis is asking you out and is stuck saying it you?

a. walk away b. help him c. ask him out  d. reject him


imagine liam is kissing you in the water at the beach when all you see and hear is papartize you?

a. ignore b. tell him c. get out the water d.ask liam can you go


imagine niall is telling you he is going on tour on your birthday you?

a. start to cry b. leave c. break up d. tell him to skype you everyday


reply your anwser so i can tell you your happy ending

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