Moments in time

Seventeen year old Payton has just moved to Mullinger, Ireland to transfer as a foreign exchange student to Mullinger University. She unexpectedly reunited with her childhood best friend Niall Horan. Will Payton start to develope more than just friends feeling for her best friend, or wil she be coldy rejected and move on to one of Nials best friends?


22. Thanks for everything...

We had to go the backway, because there were so many people in the front of the hotel. He walked us to his car, and gently placed Cassie in the cak and buckled her up. She was still sleeping. I hopped in the passanger side. "Thanks again Harry. This meant so much to her." I smiled at him. He placed his hand on my thigh and smiled back at me. I placed my hand on his and smiled at him. "So where do you live?" "Uhm, only about 5 minutes away. We walked here." I giggled. "Ok, just tell me when." I looked out the window. Harry's hand was still on my thigh gently holding it. "Turn here our appartment is on the third floor." He turned and parked the car. He picked Cassie up again, and we headed toward the elevator. When we reached my apartement door, I let Harry come in and put her in bed. "You live by yourself?" Harry asked "Yea, I took Cassie in after my Mom died of Cancer." I felt my eyes sting. Harry pulled me in for hug. I didnt cry but it was comforting to have someone there for me.

"Well, I better get going. Good night Alex." He hugged me one more time. He looked me in the eyes. I pushed the door closed before he could leave. He smirked at me. He stepped closer to me, causing me to hit the back of the door. He had both of his hands placed by my hips, unabling me to escape his grasp. His eyes were full of want. They were a dark green color. Before I could do anything, Harry forcefully pressed his lips agianst mine. I grabbed the back of his neck pulling him closer. My hand running through his curls. He pressed his body against mine and my stomach erupted into butterflies. I wanted him probably as much as he wanted me. He began kissing down my jawline, then my neck. I was breathing uneven as he traced little circles on my stomach while kissing me. My heartbeat got faster as he found his way back to my lips.

"I.. really... have... to... go... Alex.." Harry said between kisses. He pulled away and looked me in the eyes. "I really dont want to go, but I have to. Come to my concert tomorrow? Please?" He pleaded. I nodded unable to speak. He kissed me one more time, and then smiled at me. "Bye Alex.." "Bye Harry." I smiled. As soon as he left, I closed the door and went to check on Cassie. I noticied that there was something on her wrist. It was a brown weaved bracelt that said Harry on it. He must have given it to her. I smiled at her. The braclet was pretty big on her wrist, but it was tied tight enough where it woudlnt fall off. I went to my bedroom and just layed there. I had a smile plastered on my face. I fell asleep finally.

Harry's POV

I shoved my hand in my pockets as I reached the elevator towars my hotel room. The whole drive home i was smiling. I walked in, and saw Payton asleep in Niall's arms, Louis Liam and Zayn must have went to bed. I smiled at myself. "Why are you so smily Hazza??" I heard Louis behind me. "Dude what the hell! You scared me!" He was sitting at the table in the kitchen. I sat across from him. "I think I am beginning to fall for Alex, Lou. I just met her, but I think she might be it." I smiled and laughed. I bit my lip, and Lou just shook his head. "Hazza's in LOOOOVVVEEE" He made in a sing song voice. I playfully punched him in the arm. I was headed off to bed, and I was looking forward to the concert tomorrow night. I get to see Alex, and Cassie. i smiled to myself and then fell asleep.

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