Moments in time

Seventeen year old Payton has just moved to Mullinger, Ireland to transfer as a foreign exchange student to Mullinger University. She unexpectedly reunited with her childhood best friend Niall Horan. Will Payton start to develope more than just friends feeling for her best friend, or wil she be coldy rejected and move on to one of Nials best friends?


16. Lost....

Payton's POV

After I had finsihed singing, I had gotten a standing Ovation from everyone in the stadium. I didnt know that I was that good. I started to tear up, as I noticed Simon standing as well. I turned to Niall and noticed a sliver of pain go across his face. I hated hurting him, but he hurt me. I smirked and turned back to the judges. I got yeses from all the judges, and started thanking them unconditionally. I ran off stage into Harry's arms. "Harry Styles to the stage!" I heard over the intercom. "Good luck babe!" I kissed him on the cheek. I turned to Niall. He gave me a hug and whispered in my ear, "You did really good. I hope I get through too." The feeling of his breath on my neck, gave me goosebumps. He ran his fingers through my hair as he hugged me.

When I pulled away, he gave me one of those smirks. I blushed and looked away back at Harry who started singing. He looked at me while singing, and I giggled, and mouthed 'look at the judges!' and he did so. I smiled at how cheeky he was. He had made it through as well, and then Liam sang. I had no idea that he could sing that good! He was amazing! He made it through, and so did Zayn and Louis. It was Niall's turn now. He sang So Sick, and then if it wasnt for Katy Perry, he wouldnt have made it through. He gave everbody a hug, and for some reason, mine was the longest. I looked at Harry, who had a jealous look on his face. I laughed it off, and then he let go.

We had all went out to celebrate us making it through. We went to a resteraunt in the town that we were staying in. Dinner was full of laughs and jokes. For some of us, it was a little awkward. Harry was holding my thigh underneath the table, trying to inch his hand higher. I slapped his hand and gave him a smirk like 'noooo'. He gave me a cheeky smile, and it showed his dimples. I loved his dimples. I poked his cheek and he pouted playfully. I giggled and kissed his cheek. "Why dont we get out of here?" Harry whispered in my ear. "Sure." I smiled. "Well, we are gonna hit the sack everybody. We have a big day tomorrow! Be ready!" I smiled. Harry grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers. It was a silence, but not awkward. We walked past a little jelwery store on the way back to the hotel, and in the window was the most beautiful necklace I had ever seen. It was gold with a little diamond in the middle. It was in the shape of a heart with a little gold chain.

I pressed my nose up to the glass as Hary chuckled at how childish I was acting. "You like it?" He smiled. "Yes, it is very beautiful." I was still looking at the necklace. "Well, maybe one day, i'll get it for you." He smiled cheekily. "Whatever Styles." I laughed. I grabbed his hand and we walked back to the hotel, and Harry walked me to my room. "Goodnight babe." "Goodnight." He kissed me lightly, and it turned out to be a full on make out session in my bedroom. Harry had his shirt off, but I was still fully clothed. He had me pushed against the wall, holding my wrists above my head. I pulled away, and he looked worried. "Are you ok Pay??" He asked. "Im fine just not ready. Thats all." I smiled as he let go of my wrists. He started to pull his shirt back on. "Uhm, no need for that." I smiled cheekily. "Ohhh, so you like what you see?" He smirked. God those dimples! "Yes, I do, but you have to go. Goodnight." I kissed him on the cheek. "Goodnight." He took my hand and kissed it. I giggled and watched him walk to the elevator. He looked back one more time, bit his lip and then smiled. I waved and rolled my eyes. We found out who made it through to the judges houses tomorrow, and hopefully I did.

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