Moments in time

Seventeen year old Payton has just moved to Mullinger, Ireland to transfer as a foreign exchange student to Mullinger University. She unexpectedly reunited with her childhood best friend Niall Horan. Will Payton start to develope more than just friends feeling for her best friend, or wil she be coldy rejected and move on to one of Nials best friends?


2. just arriving...

Once the plane had landed, i found myself becoming even more anxious than i had already been. In one hand, i grasped my cell phone and my brown shoulder bag purse. "I hope you had a nice flight." i looked to my right and the flight hostess was smiling genuilly at me. "Thank you I did." i smiled back at her. she nodded her head, and then greeted the next passenger. i had slowly made my way to the baggage pick-up area. My suitcase came around the corner, and i grabbed it. with my luck, right when i picked it up, it opened.

"Shit." i mumbled to myself. I bent down on my knees, and began picking up my clothes and photos that were sprawled across the floor. "Need any help?" i shot my head up, and in front of me stood a bot, about 19 with deep brown eyes, and brown hair. he was wearing a plaid shirt and a pair of jeans with a pair of worn out converse.

"uhm, yea please thank you." i smiled at him. Our hands brushed as we reached for my picture frame. the picture was of me and my best friend from when i was younger. Before i moved to London, i lived in Mullinger, Ireland. my best friend had brunette hair, and bright blue eyes. i blushed and he handed me the picture. but before he let go, he looked at it one more time and said, "Who is this boy in the picture?' he furrowed his eye brows. i think he knew who the boy was.

"Oh, he was one of my best friends from when i was younger. his name is Niall. When we were younger, before i moved to London, i lived in Ireland, and we were inseperable. The day i left, he got angry at me, and we havent spoke since then." tears started forming in my eyes. "I have a best mate, who has the exact same picture on his nightstand next to his bed. he dosent talk about it much, but i think i know who you are talking about!" He looked at me, studing my face. I just sat there in shock. me and Niall havent spoken to each other for 10 years.

I was pulled from my thoughts when he asked for my name. "what is your name love?" he asked helping me up. he grabbed my hand and pulled me from the floor. "Payton. Payton Smith." I smiled at him. "Well, where are you headed Payton?" he let go of my hand and grabbed my suitcase. "Uhm, Mullinger University. do you know where it is at?" i gave him a confuesd look. he laughed and said "Actually, i was just headed there, do you need a ride?" i nodded my head, and then when we reached outside, i said "I never caught your name" "Liam, Liam Payne." he gave me a reasurring smile. when we stepped outside, he was greeted by someone with choppy blonde hair, and the same blue eyes that were all teary eyed when i saw them last. I let out a small gasp when he turned to face me.

"Who's your friend Liam?" he asked trying to shake my hand. "you really dont remember me?" i asked. I smirked. He studied my face for a little while and then whispered "Payton?" and was staring at me still. "Nice to see you again Niall." i said bluntly. "Oh my God. I havent seen you since we were seven!" he pulled me in for a hug. I hugged him back, and i could tell that he worked out. he was dressed in a school uniform. I started laughing. "Do you mind hurrying? you guys can catch up later when we get to the campus." Liam shouted from the car. Niall pulled away blushing and the opened the door for me. and with that, we were off to the College campus.

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