Moments in time

Seventeen year old Payton has just moved to Mullinger, Ireland to transfer as a foreign exchange student to Mullinger University. She unexpectedly reunited with her childhood best friend Niall Horan. Will Payton start to develope more than just friends feeling for her best friend, or wil she be coldy rejected and move on to one of Nials best friends?


29. DARE?

"Later in the night, I had got you to notice me more, when your little sister was hanging around. I was trying to get you to pay attention to me. That was all." He moved closer to me. "Well, apparently it worked." I smirked back at him. He moved his face closer to mine. He pinned me up against the wall, and I moved right before his liips reached mine. He ended up kissing the wall. I laughed. "Well. I see." He charged towards me and threw me over his shoulder and threw me on the bed. I was laughing. I slowed down when he was hovering over me. "I love you Alex." I smiled at him. "I love you too." He kissed me this time, getting there before I could turn away. I fell asleep in his arms later that night, and I was honestly happy.

Niall's POV

I was so happy that me and Payton were back together. We had known each other for a long time. I loved her, and I wasnt going to loose her again. I know that we are young, but I was going to do what ever I could to keep her.


Our tour was finally over, and we were going home. Before we left Paris, I had bought an engagment ring, and I had decided that while we were in Paris I was going to propose to Payton when we got home from tour. When our plane landed, I didnt even bother looking for my bags. I searched the crowd for a familar pair of bright green eyes. I froze in place when I met them. I smiled as she ran toward me. She was once again in my arms after months of being apart. "Ive missed you so much, Pay." I nuzzled my face into her neck. "Ive missed you too, Ni." I pulled away from the hug and said "Is that Orlando Bloom?" I shouted. She shot around in a circle, and I got down on one knee. She turned around. "I didnt s- what are you doing?" She put her hands on her chest. "Pay, we have been best friends since we were little, and I dont ever want to loose you again. Never. I love you. Wiill you do me the honor of becoming to new Mrs. Horan?" I was nervous. "Niall- I dont know what to say. YES! Of course i'll marry you!" I stood up, slid the ring on her finger and kissed her passionately.

I heard all the fans in the background shouting and yelling. The boys were clapping and yelling as well. I didnt pay much attention to her though. I was focoused on the women who would become the next Mrs. Horan, and nothing else.


comment and tell me what you guys thought of it. Should I right another one? Who would be the main character, Liam Niall Louis Harry or Zayn? Comment thoughts?!? Love you guys! <3 Thank you to everyone who read this, and all the nice comments :)

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