Moments in time

Seventeen year old Payton has just moved to Mullinger, Ireland to transfer as a foreign exchange student to Mullinger University. She unexpectedly reunited with her childhood best friend Niall Horan. Will Payton start to develope more than just friends feeling for her best friend, or wil she be coldy rejected and move on to one of Nials best friends?


20. Catching up..

Harry's POV

I cant believe that she cose Niall to sing with her. They were talking before they started. I wondered what they were talking about. I have to admit, they sounded really good together, but I wish she chose me. Even though it was still extremely awkward after finding me and Caroline in bed together. She was so hurt. I can never get her expression out of my head. The exited, holding hands. I had a wave of jealousy hit me in the stomach. "Pay is joining us for dinner everyone." Niall said. He smiled at her, and realized that they were still holding hands. He quickly pulled away and blushed. Everybody headed back to our hotel room. We ordered pizza and began talking. Laim broke the silence.

"So, Payton. Have any love intrestes." He wiggled his eye brows. "Uhm, no. Actually, I havent dated anyone since me and Harry ended." She blushed. She looked at me. I gave her the, 'you have no idea how sorry I am' look. She gave me the 'its ok.' She smiled reasurringly. She turned back to the boys. "So what about you guys??" she smirked. Liam began. "Well, me and Danielle are still together." " Me and El are still together!" Louis screamed. "I am dating Perrie Edwards from Little Mix. She also went to our school." She looked at me and Niall. I spoke. "No, not really anyone." I smiled. "I havent dated anyone in a loooonnnnnggg whhhhiiiillleee..." he chuckled. She blushed.

Me and the other boys noticed that she blushed and we looked at each other and smirked. "So, wanna play truth or dare?" I wiggled my eye brows. "Uhm, sure?" Payton said. We sat in a big circle on the floor, with a bottle. It landed on me first. "So, Payton, truth or dare?" "DARE!" she said. "hhmmm.... I dare you too, Kiss each of us, and tell us which one is a better kisser. She sighed. "Ok." She didnt even hesitate. She went around the circle kissing us for at least five seconds. "Ok, so??" Zayn asked. "im going to have to say........" "OMG just spit it out!" I yelled. "it was Liam." I was genuially shocked. "Really now?" Niall said. He pounced on her pinning her to the floor. He kissed her. I just sat there in shock. They continued for about 5 minuets. "AHEM?!?" Louis yelled. I was laughing so hard.

He climbed off of her, and sat on the floor. A look of pride spread across his face. "Ok, so I change my mind. It was Niall. But  Liam definately comes in second." He blushed and looked at the floor. She kissed his cheek. "Ok, Harry. Truth or dare?" She asked me. "Dare." I said smirking. "I dare you to, go down stairs, flirt with a random girl that comes in the lobby, and get her to come back up here." She smiled. "OOOHHH!" everybody yelled. "Fine! I will!" And with that I was off. I walked to the elevator and got in,. Right when I reached the lobby, Girls swarmed the outside. I saw a cute girl with blonde wavt hair, and bright blue eyes standing there. She didnt look interested at all. I walked up to her. "Hi." I said flirtasiously.

"Hi." She didnt even look up from her little sisters hand. "Are you alright, love?" All the girls around me started screaming. "uhm, I didnt come here for you. I came here for my four year old sister. She is a fan. Not me." She smiled slyly at me. I smirked. "Can I meet your little sister?" I asked politely. She looked shocked that I had offered too. "Cassie, someone wants to meet you!" She bent down to eye level with the little girl. She had long blonde curly hair and bright green eyes. "Hi Cassie, Im Harry!" She immediately jumped into my arms. "Hey if you want, you and your older sister can come up to my hotel room to meet the other boys?" I whispered im Cassie's ear. She shook her head vigorusly, and looked back at her sister. "Can we go Alex??" She pleaded. "Fine." She smiled and pinched the little girls cheeks.

"That is very sweet of you, Harry." Alex whispered in my ear. "Well, she was just so cute, and her older sister isnt that bad either." I winked at her. She rolled her eyes. We got in the elevator.

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