That one special summer

The story is about one direction , and how this girl named Jade gets involved with them excpecially Harry.... But it all started when Jade was at a stop light she was texting her best friend cause it was girls night and they always watch movies together when all of a sudden she sees five guys yelling at her telling her to let them in her car does she do it or not find out in That one special summer :)


6. Memories

Harry and I headed down stairs everyone gave me a hug and saw that I was alright.Everyone sat down in the living room and discussed what we were going to do. The only way we could be safe is if that guy was gone "Harry did you recognize the guy at all?" Zayn asked, no I didn't then it hit Harry "Wait!!!" Harry yelled "I remember the him his name is Danny Feral me and his little brother Joseph were best friends and one day we went ice skating and he fell in the cold water I couldn't pull him out so I ran and got help when the ambulance got to him he was dead. I remember his brother yelling at me saying that it was all my fault and that I'd pay for it he never talked to me again." Harry had some more tears rolling down his cheeks. "Harry you know it's not your fault you were just a kid don't blame yourself." Jade said trying to make Harry feel better. Liam decided that everyone go to bed and decide what we were going to do in the morning, we all agreed and headed to our rooms. I got into my pajamas and washed my face I came out of the bathroom and Harry was sitting on my bed. "Harry are you okay?" I asked him he looked at me " I don't want you to get hurt again I love you Jade." "I will be fine Harry when this is all over everyone will be safe." "ok I love you Jade" Harry kissed my cheek and left the room. Then I fell asleep
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