That one special summer

The story is about one direction , and how this girl named Jade gets involved with them excpecially Harry.... But it all started when Jade was at a stop light she was texting her best friend cause it was girls night and they always watch movies together when all of a sudden she sees five guys yelling at her telling her to let them in her car does she do it or not find out in That one special summer :)


1. Drive!

Buzz* Buzz* Jade rubbed her eyes as she reached for her phone it was Jena texting her "coffe?" the phone read Jade of course texted back "yes" even though she new Jena was going to sob over Brandon dumping her for the 3rd time. I never understood what Jena sees in Brandon he's a slob and rude but I guess love is love... Jade picked out her cloths deciding to wear jeans and a pink shirt that said love on it she brushed her teeth and headed out the door. Star bucks was up ahead as Jade parked her car she saw Jena crying "here we go again." Ding dong* the door rung every time someone walked in or out it was annoying "Jade!" Jena shouted "I'm so glad your here Brandon dumped me again!!" jeana said sobbing I put a fake feeling sorry for you face on and comforted her as she sobbed. "that's terrible!" Jade said sarcastically, "At least we're still having girls night though right??" Damn!! Jade thought I totally forgot about girls night "Yeah of course I would nevIr forget girls night how about we meet at the movies In 2hrs.?" Jade said "sounds good meet you there!" jena said leaving Star Bucks. jade was heading home when she got stopped at a red light Buzz* Buzz* "we forgot to pick what movie we're going to see" read the phone it was from jena , "we will pick it when we get there" "k" jena responded."how long is this light" Jade said annoyed "Bang Bang let us in!! Let us in!!!" it was five boys out side my car I unlocked the doors and let them in "Drive!!Drive!!"
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