That one special summer

The story is about one direction , and how this girl named Jade gets involved with them excpecially Harry.... But it all started when Jade was at a stop light she was texting her best friend cause it was girls night and they always watch movies together when all of a sudden she sees five guys yelling at her telling her to let them in her car does she do it or not find out in That one special summer :)


7. Dead or Alive

"Don't move" a deep voice said, it was Danny he must of broken into the house Jade thought. One of Danny's hands was pressed against her mouth another one had a knife to her neck. "get up and don't say a word we are gana go to my car if you say or do any tricks your dead understand?" I nodded my head "good." we went to his car and drove away. Harry woke up early and went to Jade's room there was a note on the bed "you want the girl go to this address 5568 Volt amount Dr. ~Danny" Harry broke into tears he ran downstairs all the boys were watching cartoons. "Danny has Jade!" Harry yelled feeling tears rolling down his cheek, the boys looked at each other Harry have them the note. They all rushed to there car and drove to the address, it was a abandon factory. They ran in they found Jade tied up with tape on her mouth " Jade!" Harry yelled as he ran to her "well well well, it's Harry Styles haven't seen you in a while" it was Danny "can't you just leave me alone Danny! I'm sorry about your brother I was a kid I didn't have the strength to pull him out of the cold water!" Harry said trying to tell him what happened. "Well Harry I'm gana take your life like you did my brother." Danny said while pointing a gone at Harry, Jade tried to scream and plead him not to shoot Harry put the duck tape was on to tight. "Good bye Harry" Bang* Harry fell to the ground, Bang* Danny fell to the ground. 
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