That one special summer

The story is about one direction , and how this girl named Jade gets involved with them excpecially Harry.... But it all started when Jade was at a stop light she was texting her best friend cause it was girls night and they always watch movies together when all of a sudden she sees five guys yelling at her telling her to let them in her car does she do it or not find out in That one special summer :)


8. Best Summer Ever

Beep* Beep* Beep* Harry woke up he was attached to medical machines he saw Jade and the boys in chairs they all were asleep except Jade. "Harry!" Jade kissed him "what happened?" Harry asked confused, "Danny shot you but luckily it only scraped your arm leaving a huge cut but you passed out cause you thought you were dead. Danny thought you were dead so he did suicide we have no clue why. But the Zayn and Liam rushed you to the hospital while Louis and Niall untied me I never cried so much in my life I thought I lost you for ever." Jade said with a tear rolling down her face. Harry wiped the tears away. The boys woke up and told Harry everything again Harry didn't mind he was just glad everyone was safe again. The doctor came in the room shortly after, "how you feeling Harry?" the doctor asked looking up from his clip bored. "I'm fine great actually!"'Harry said with a big smile, "well you can go home now Harry it seems your wound will heel in a week or two." "Thank you doctor" Harry said as the doctor left the room." Well I guess we can leave guys " Harry said with a smile, "where are you going home with us or Jade?" Liam asked with a smile " I think I'll go home with Jade if that's ok with you Jade?" "Of course you can Harry!" Jade said with a smile and a little bit of blushing. "Well you two have fun!" Zayn said as the boys headed out the door, Harry and Jade headed home when they got there Harry swooped Jade off her feet and carried her upstairs. They layed on the bed Jade would run her fingers through Harry's hair, "Jade I'm glad this all happened me and the boys getting beat up me getting shot everything." Harry said with a smile "why?" Jade asked confused, "cause I wouldn't of met you." he said with a smile. Jade blushed, then Harry kissed Jade passionatelyI after the kiss Harry looked into my eyes "Jade?" asked Harry "Yeah" said Jade as she played with Harry's hair some more, "Do you want to come live with me? You could come on our tour and we would never be that far apart." I looked at him and new that I loved him more than anything and that I wanted to be with him for ever and always. "YES!!" Jade said with happiness, Harry had the biggest smile on his face. Jade kissed him and blushed, "Best summer ever!" Jade said with a big smile. The End
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