Stole My Heart

All the boys from One Direction are taking a couple months off to spend time with their family. Harry is excited to spend a lot of time with his mum. But he never thought he would find a girl on break that would change him.


11. What Now

Harry's P.O.V.

I had woken up from a bad dream, and remembered I was still at the hospital. My hand was still holding onto Ashley's. I looked at the clock and it was almost 3 in the morning. Just then I heard Ashley move. "Ashley?" She didn't respond, or move again. "Ashley?" I thought I would try again and it worked. I watched her as her eyes fluttered open. I moved to the edge of my chair.

"Harry?" She blinked a couple times then moved further up in the hospital bed. "Where are we?"

"We are at the hospital" A wave of terror moved over me, like this was going to end up like The Vow or something.

"all of that stuff... with Rob.. it happened?" I nodded and looked down for a second. "Oh.. I thought I was dreaming. I guess that explains why my thigh hurts so much." She giggle and I joined her. Then she grabbed her thigh.

"Are you okay?" I was worried.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Just a little tender."

"Okay.." she looked over at the clock.

"3 in the morning? Why are you still here? Shouldn't you be home?"

"I wanted to stay here." she looked me in the eyes.

"Harry, you would have been more comfortable in your bed."

"I've almost lost you too many times for only knowing you for a week. I'm staying right at your side." She giggled and I smiled back at her. She moved over and patted her bed. "I'm not going to lie on the bed with you, you need the room and I don't want to hurt you." She looked at me and gave my the puppy dog eyes.

"It will make me feel better" She smiled slightly and I just smiled and sighed.

"Okay, Okay." A huge smiled grew on her face. I slid next to her and put my arm around her as she put her head on my chest.

"When do I get to leave?" She asked looking up at me.

"Hopefully later today or tomorrow" She nodded and grabbed the remote. She skimmed through the channels and stopped on Aladdin. "aren't you too old for this movie?" I said laughing.

"You're never too old for a Disney movie." she said smiling at me. I kissed the top of her head as we watched the movie and fell asleep once it was over.

Ashley's P.O.V.

I woke up in Harry's arms, when I looked up at him he was smiling down at me. 

"Morning" He said.

"Morning" there was a knock on the door so Harry got up and opened it. The doctor walked in and came over to me. 

"How are you feeling?" The doctor asked as Harry walked to the side of the bed.

"Good, the leg hurts a little." he nodded and wrote some things down on his clipboard

"Alright here are your meds that will get rid of the pain and I will let you know a little later on if you can leave today." 

"Okay" The doctor smiled at me and I slightly smiled back. He walked out the door and Harry grabbed my hand. "Thanks for being here Harry." He kissed my hand.

"I couldn't be anywhere else." He smiled at me when there was another knock at the door but before Harry could get it both Jade and Anne walked in.

"Ashley! are you okay?" Jade almost yelled running over to the opposite side of the bed that Harry was on.

"I'll survive." I said with a smile. Harry squeezed my hand and I looked up to him.

"I'm so glad you are okay, That was just about the scariest night of my life" Anne said joining Harry at his side.

"Yeah definitely eventful" I said looking down.

"At least you won't have to worry about him anymore." Jade said as the doctor walked in.

"It looks like you can leave a little later today, but you will need crutches for a while." The doctor said standing at the head of the bed. I nodded. I started to hear a phone ringing, Harry pulled his phone out of his pocket.

"I should probably take this" He said letting go of my hand and going into the hall. The doctor told me that I need to rest for a couple days then I can start doing activities and hopefully in a week I can get off my crutches. Once the doctor left Harry came back in looking a little down.

"everything okay?" I asked him, he ran his hand though his hair.

"Well, Looks like I'm going to America with the boys a little sooner than hoped for." We all just looked at Harry, Anne looked so upset. 

"Oh, when are you going?" I asked.

"Couple weeks." He looked down.

"Well the sooner I get out of here the sooner we don't have to worry about this anymore." Harry nodded and I was a little upset but its his job and he loves it. I don't know what I'll do without him.

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