Stole My Heart

All the boys from One Direction are taking a couple months off to spend time with their family. Harry is excited to spend a lot of time with his mum. But he never thought he would find a girl on break that would change him.


9. Homecoming

Ashley's P.O.V.

We were heading home this morning, we had nothing to get together so I called my aunt for a ride to the airport, like she offered to do. When we got there it took a while to get through security and everything and once we did we had about 20 minutes before our flight. "Harry?" I asked as we sat down to wait for our plane.

"Yeah?" I turned to look at him.

"do you think people will know who I am back home? Like... know I ran away?" he ran his hand through his hair.

"I want to say no Ashley, but I honestly don't know." I leaned on his shoulder and he put his arm around me.

"I don't want him to find me Harry." he kissed the top of my head.

"He won't and if he does, I'll take care of it. Okay?" I nodded and we sat in silence until our flight, but it wasn't an awkward silence. It was just an 'enjoying the moment' silence.

I was glad he was there and honestly, I was glad he cared enough in the first place to come after me when I ran from him. Or else I wouldn't know what to do. Before the flight I called Jade to let her know we would be headed home soon and she said she was going to meet us at the airport. It was a long and anxious flight, I tried sleeping but I couldn't. As we got closer my stomach got more knots in it. Did people know we were coming home? Were people going to turn me in? The pilot made the announcement that we were landing and I thought I was going to throw up. Once we did Harry took my hand in his and he led me off the plane. When I got off there was no one there, I let out a sigh of relief as we went to go find Jade. We entered the area where everyone waits for the people getting off their planes and there were tons of people... with cameras.

"There they are!" one of them yelled and they started snapping cameras.

"Harry!" I was on the verge of tears. Harry pulled on my hand and we started pushing though the crowd.

"Ashley?" I heard a familiar voice.

"Jade?" I turned around to see Jade running towards me I grabbed her hand and we kept running. When we reached the door we hopped into the taxi and the driver pealed away, under Harry's orders. "Oh my god." My heart was beating a million miles a minute. I didn't know if they were there for Harry or me but either way my father was going to see those pictures, know I'm back, and look harder for me. I cupped my head in my hands. Harry put his hand on my back.

"Um.. Ashley?" Jade hesitated next to me.


"Why is Harry Styles in the same taxi as us?" I looked up at her and she was completely starstruck. I laughed a little.

"Harry this is Jade, Jade this is my boyfriend, Harry" She pulled me closer and mumbled in my ear.

"You could have told me your boyfriend was Harry Styles" I knew Harry could hear because he chuckled a little. We arrived at Harry's house a little after and we payed the taxi driver what we had left for money. well now I'm completely broke and I think I might have lost my job..

We went inside and Harry's mum ran over to both of us and pulled us into a hug. "never scare me like that again!" she pulled away and we nodded and told her sorry. Then she looked over at Jade.

"Anne this is Jade, my friend, Jade this is Harry's mum Anne." They shook hands and Jade looked starstruck by her too. it was kinda funny. 

"Nice to meet you darling" Anne said

"Nice to meet you too!" Anne then turned to me.

"Honey, you're all over the news.."


"Every time I change the channel your there." Okay. I knew I had been on the news but I didn't realize that I was on every channel of the news. I just looked down towards the ground. Anne tried to change the subject. 

"So Jade do you plan on staying here for a while?" 

"I'm not really sure actually." Jade said shrugging her shoulders.

"Well, stay as long as you would like" Anne smiled at Jade then went back to the kitchen.

"I'm pretty beat. I think I'm going to head to bed" I said heading for the stairs.

"Yeah me too" Harry said, "Jade you're welcome to stay in Ashley's room" Jade nodded and followed me. I got into my pajamas in the bathroom and when I came out I heard yelling downstairs.

"Where is she!?"

"I don't know who you're talking about."

"I know she is here!! Bring me to her or you will be sorry!" oh my god. my heart was beating a million miles a minute. I ran to Harry's room and barged in, he was lying on his bed.

"Harry." I said frantically. 

"What? What is it?" he got up and came over to me, tears filling my eyes.

"Rob. He's here."

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