Stole My Heart

All the boys from One Direction are taking a couple months off to spend time with their family. Harry is excited to spend a lot of time with his mum. But he never thought he would find a girl on break that would change him.


13. Crutches

Ashley's P.O.V.

Today was going to be my first doctor's appointment since being in the hospital. They had told me if everything was looking good enough, I would be able to get off my crutches today. I was sitting in the room on one of those beds with the loud paper on it when my doctor came in. "So everything seems to be getting better but I suggest you stay on the crutches for just a little bit longer." She said putting down her clipboard. I nodded and she continued about how I can try walking on my leg while on the crutches and stuff like that. So we said our goodbyes and I went to go meet Jade in the lobby. Harry was originally going to take me but he had a meeting with his management or something today, so Jade came instead.

"Still on crutches I see" Jade said standing up.

"Yeah, getting there though. slowly." She giggled and we walked to the car. I literally hopped in and we took off. "So when are you going back home?" I asked Jade as we drove down the street.

"well, my parents probably don't even realize I'm gone, so it really doesn't matter." We laughed.

"Oh man, What about school?" 

"You're all set. They know about Rob so they figured you have gone to live with other family." Jade said.

"What about you?"

"I plan on going back soon. I have only missed a couple days but if it gets bad. I can always switch to online classes!" She said turning into the driveway. We got out of the car and I hobbled up to the door and we went inside. Harry was on the couch until he saw us walk in and he popped off and walked over to us.

"How did it go?" Harry asked.

"good, slowly getting better" I said with a smile. He smiled back and hugged me. Jade went upstairs to call her parents and me and Harry went into the kitchen. I sat at the table and Harry made some tea. He set down a mug in front of me and sat down with his opposite of me.

"So about that call I made the other day, it was to my management. I asked them to see if you and Jade could come with me and the boys on our tour in America. They said they would have to think about it and when they called me in today they told me that only one of you can go. I guess we don't have enough room for you both. I don't know why, our opening act has bailed on us just recently. I gue-"

"Harry, we can figure it out okay." I said putting my hand on his. "We don't even know when Jade is going home yet." He nodded. "I need to shower." I got up and gave Harry a kiss then went upstairs. I grabbed my pjs and went into the bathroom and without control over myself I started singing my favorite song Wings by Little Mix.

Harry's P.O.V.

 I finished my tea and cleaned up the kitchen before I went upstairs. I passed the bathroom and I heard the water running then I just stopped. I heard singing coming from the bathroom. It sounded beautiful. And it gave me an idea. I ran to my room and made another call. When Ashley came out I went into her room to see Jade and her sitting on the bed and laughing. "Not interrupting anything am I?" I asked with a smile.

"Nope! come sit down!" Ashley said. I went over and sat right next to her. I put my arm around her.

"So Ashley I heard something interesting while you were in the bathroom." She looked at me confused.

"yeah..?" She hesitated.

"Why didn't you tell me you could sing?" She hid her head in her hands then lifted her head quickly after.

"Oh god. you heard that?" Jade was laughing.

"Yeah, why do you look so embarrassed? It sounded good!" she shook her head. "Have you ever sung in front of people?"

"I have sung in front of Jade but that's only because we sing together all the time."

"Really?" I said looking at Jade, Now she was turning a little red.

"Yeah, a little." Jade said.

"Have you girls ever sang for an audience other than each other?"

"We were in a few talent shows but that's it." Ashley said.

"Why don't you sing a little song for me." I looked at Ashley and she shook her head.


"Aww, come on!!" I gave her the puppy dog face. Her and Jade stood up and started singing Breakeven by the Script. and it was really good. They finished and I clapped for them. They sat back down. "I have a proposition for you two. I have talked to management, and if at least one of you are up to it, they will let you both go if one of you can open for us on tour." I looked at then and they had smiles on their faces.

"So we would be singing.. in front of millions of people?" I nodded and they started freaking out.

"Is that a yes?" 

"Yes!!" They both yelled. They both hugged me and I hugged them back. This will be great, but we need to start preparing. 

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