Stole My Heart

All the boys from One Direction are taking a couple months off to spend time with their family. Harry is excited to spend a lot of time with his mum. But he never thought he would find a girl on break that would change him.


17. Concert

Harry's P.O.V.

Tonight was the night of the first show and I was excited to get back on stage. Once I was done getting ready, I went to Jade and Ashley's dressing room. Ashley was sitting on her couch and looked really nervous so I went and sat down next to her.

"You will be great. Trust me." She nodded and gave me a hug I gave her a quick kiss on the lips. "Remember how you sang in front of all those people on Ellen yesterday?" She nodded.

"That was luck." I took her hand.

"Ashley you are an amazing singer just think about something that makes you less nervous." She nodded when the stage manager opened the door to the room .

"Ashley, Jade, You are on in 5." He said then quickly closed the door. I gave Ashley a kiss on the cheek and walked her to the side of the stage.

"Harry.. I can-"

"You will be amazing, trust me." Just then they were told to go out on stage and there was a scream from the crowd. I stood on the side of the stage nervously watching her, but she did great. Just like I said she would. When they were done they ran off stage with the biggest smiles on their faces and Ashley jumped straight into my arms. "You were amazing!" I said as we pulled out of the huge.

"I can not believe I just did that."

"I can." I gave her a smile and we walked back to the others where Ashley was greeted with hugs and congratulations from everyone. I was so proud of her, and I could tell she was proud of herself too. She overcame her fear, which is great. Me and the boys got pulled away soon after to go on stage. We had a great show, the crowd was unbelievable and the energy was so high. We had finished our encore and ran backstage, energy still running high. We were all high fiving each other and when I saw Ashley I just picked her up and spun her around.

"Harry what are you doing?" She laughed and I put her down.

"I'm just happy!" I laughed and she nodded.

"Well I'm glad!"

"Hey why don't we go out?" Niall suggested

"Yeah! Lets do it!" Zayn added we all went to get changed. We all hopped in the van and drove off to get dinner. 

"I'll be right back." Ashley whispered to me as she was getting up, probably heading to the bathroom. I took a little while before she came back, but when she did she looked upset.

"Everything okay?"

"Yeah everything will be fine." I knew something was wrong but I'm not going to push her to tell me, not yet.

Ashley's P.O.V.

We got back to the hotel and I went straight to my room and sat on my bed. I was quickly followed by Jade.

"Ashley is everything okay? You look a little off." Jade asked sitting next to me.

"I'll be fine." I mumbled.

"Ashley, please tell me what is wrong." I sighed and looked at her.

"When I went to the bathroom at the restaurant these two girls came up to me and told me off."


"They told me that Harry deserves better than me and I'm and ugly bitch."

"They said that too you?" A tear went down my face and I nodded. "I'm telling Harry." Jade got up quickly but I grabbed her hand.

"Please don't! It isn't that big a deal!"

"If it isn't that big a deal, why are you crying?" I shook my head.

"I believed them..." I mumbled so hopefully she didn't hear, but she did. She ran out of the room and a minute or so later Harry came in and stopped when he saw me crying on the bed.

"Ashley, I-" He walked towards the bed and sat on it.

"Don't worry I'll be fine." He grabbed my hand.

"If anyone says that to you again, tell me? Please?" I nodded and he pulled me into a hug and kissed my forehead.

"And just so you know, I don't deserve better than you, no one is better than you."

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