9. Larra Vega- Falling...asleep


It’s Friday. Kyle told me that we all meet at the lobby of Lou Amore because we’ll be using the hotel’s van to go to the other hotel. Five of my employees, Melissa, Ryan, Dan, Tara and me are waiting in the lobby. It’s still six in the morning. Some of my employees are already sleeping on the couch. Then I see Kyle entering. I stand up and smile to him. He smiles back.

“Hi. Good morning.” He says.

“Hi.” I say as I pick up my huge back pack and another hand bag. My employees see him and stand up to greet him. I introduce them one by one.

“The van’s ready. Oh, here.” He ordered coffee for us. But I don’t drink coffee much, so I politely refused.

He leads us to the van and opens the back of it to put our stuff. His bags are already in there. I slide my back pack off my back and when I’m about to push it inside, it slides off my arms.

“Here, let me help you.” Kyle gets the bag for me and placed it in the van. He closes the back of the van and we get in. To my employees excitement, when I’m about to enter, they already occupied all the seats. All that’s left are at the back. I don’t struggle my way through the back because the van is wide. I sit by the window. Then I see Kyle getting in. I thought he’s sitting in front. But when I look at the front seat, someone’s there already. He now sits beside me but half a meter away. He’s by the window of the other side of the van.

The hour-and-half travel starts. At first, everyone’s still talking and eating and all. They even take pictures. It’s kind of awkward to have a picture taken with Kyle, but we grant my employees pleading. They say it’s a remembrance for their first tour in Lou Amore. And then later, everything seems quieter and then I fall asleep.

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