7. Larra Vega- Decision



I park my Ducati. I get in the office. My less than twenty employees greet me as I enter. I smile back to them. Melissa, my assistant, approaches me. She’s carrying a bunch of papers.

“Ma’am, these are possible clients and their possible tour schedule according to the activities they want and to what places they want to see.” She says as we continue to walk to my office. I nod. We stop at my door and she hands me the papers.

“Thanks.” I say. “Oh, right. Melissa?” she turns to me. “Gather two members of the advertising team and another two in our logistics. We’ll have a meeting at 3pm.”

“Okay. Yes, ma’am.”

I close the door behind me. I put the papers on my table and put my bag on the couch. I sit beside it. I now remember that Kyle Simoun and his offer to me. Am I ready to, somehow, be affiliated to a huge company like that? I hope everything would be fine. How did a big hotel with luxurious accommodation and infinite choices of activities have their sales go down like that? As the look of Kyle Simoun’s face, it’s a big problem for them. And I think that I could help them and also having my own benefits myself.

I spend the rest of the morning and half of the afternoon sorting and figuring out the schedules and tours of the clients. We’d be very busy next month. July will be over soon and more tourists will be coming. I lean my back on my office chair. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I don’t realize that I’ve been facing the laptop too long, encoding and sorting schedules and people. I feel my eyes start to hurt. I decide to take out my contacts and use my glasses instead. I barely see anything without my glasses or contacts. I’d be like blind if I go out without either.

I remember that I called for a meeting at 3pm. I pick up the phone and dial to my assistant to gather up in the conference room. She said yes. I wait for ten minutes before I start to walk to the meeting place.

“Good afternoon, ma’am.” They say as I enter. I sit at the center of the table.

“So…” I start. “I had this offer, just this morning, from a department head in Lou Amore.” They become excited and giggle and whisper to each other. I wait for them to calm down.

“Mr. Kyle Simoun wants us to promote their hotel and resort there. He wants more people to visit.” I don’t mention that the reason of this is the crisis it’s experiencing.

“Of course ma’am, we would be more than glad to come with you.” Dan said. He’s the best in my advertising team. He sounds excited.

“Is it for free? I mean…Lou Amore’s expensive, right?” Melissa asks.

“It’s for free.” I say. 

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