8. Kyle Simoun- First Fight


I turn my chair around when I hear someone knocking on my door heavily.  But before I could fully stand up, my father comes storming in.

“Why are you so irresponsible, Kyle?”  He asks with anger. I see my secretary closing the door with her head down.

“Why did you let that happen to that branch? It’s one of the places you must take care of, right?!”

“Dad, dad, let me explain…..”

“Do you know how much loss we will have if that closes? You’ve let me down, Kyle.” He says as he sits on the couch.

But I never let him down. “Don’t worry. I found a solution.”

“No. I trusted you but you failed. I’m always the one catching your troubles. I’m gonna take care of this.”

When do I trouble him? I can’t believe this.  Here we go again. “No, dad, I’ll take care of this. Okay?” I insist. He looks up to me. I’m now standing in front of him.

“Then what, fail again?” he says.

“Just give me this one chance.” I start to sound pleading. He looks at me for a long time. Silence fills the room. Then he stands up and walks towards the door and opens it then he faces me.

“Once chance. Just this one chance.” He says. I nod, preventing myself to smile. Then he leaves.

Yes! I’m going to show him. I’m showing him how capable I am to be trusted with this job. It’ll start all this weekend. Just wait. Two days more.





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