4. 1.4 A Great Revelation


Larra….Larra….I hear someone calling me. I look for him but I can’t see anything. Larra…wake up.

I slowly open my eyes. The sun’s already shining so bright up in the sky. I put my palm in slightly above me to cover my eyes. I look around. Matt’s sitting in front of me. I realize that we fell asleep with all the talking and catching up last night.

“What time is it?” I ask.

“Ten. Mom called. They’ll be waiting for us.” He stands and I follow. He picks up his jacket where we laid down last night and shakes off the sand.

The sea glitters under the sun. The waves are small and calm. There are no people around yet. Maybe this afternoon, people would flock in here.

“C’mon.” Matt says as he starts to walk. I follow behind him.

We drive back to the city. I tell Matt to pass by my condo first to change clothes. As soon as I got in the condo I take a quick shower then blow dry my hair. It takes a long time to blow dry my hair because it’s thick and long. I grab a loose and thin long-sleeved peach shirt and a black bandage skirt. I get in my sneakers that I bought last night and go back to the parking lot where Matt’s waiting for me.

“Hey.” I say under my breath as I enter his car. He fixes his seat which was bended backwards a while ago. “You slept?” I ask.

“No. I was just waiting for you. What about your motorcycle?” he shakes his head once.

“Oh. Right. Help me?” I say. We both go down from the car. I open the locks and Matt climbs up the back of his pick-up. He unlocks the chain he wrapped around the side of my motor.

“Come up here. I’ll go down.” He means that I’ll be handing him the motorcycle. My Ducati is very heavy. I’m not sure if Matt could handle it. Although Matt’s brawny and strong (he works out), my motor couldn’t be carried by one person.

“Are you sure you can do that?” I ask as I slowly push the motorcycle down to him.

“Yeah. I was the only one who transferred this last night.” I stop breathing for a moment as he’s now about to carry the motor down. He takes a deep breath and pushes the motorcycle upwards then in just a second it’s down on the floor. I’m able to breathe normally again.

“Wow. You’re really strong.” I compliment.

“You underestimate my power, Larra.” He teases. I chuckle.

I drive my motor back to its parking place, near the entrance door. I walk back to Matt as fast as I can. I check my watch and it’s now almost twelve noon. I see Matt from afar and signal me to hurry up. I jump in the car and pull the door close.

“Mom called. She said lunch’s ready. She’s looking for us.” he says.

“Alright, then let’s go.” I say with a bit of excitement.

We arrive in Matt’s house fifteen minutes later. Her sixteen-year old younger sister, Jane, meets us at the door. He greets us vivaciously. She hugs me around my waist. She’s a bit shorter than me. I hug her back. We walk towards their house with her arm around my lower back and with my arm on her shoulder.

“No hug for me?” Matt said as he follows behind us.

“Later.” Jane says playfully. “I miss Larra.”

“What about me? You don’t miss me?”

“You’re my brother.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Jane looks back to Matt and sticks her tongue out. I hear Matt chuckle behind me. I turn my head and look at him. I smile with my expression saying oh well. I shrug my shoulders once. Jane lets go of me and opens the door. She leaves the door open for us. She jogs inside the house and started calling her mother out loud and announces that we have arrived. Matt and I follow Jane into the kitchen. As we enter, I see Mrs. Joaquin by oven. She opens it and pulls out a nice whole cut of steak. The sweet smell fills in the room immediately. She turns to us and puts the tray on the counter. She glides with elegance towards me as she slightly spreads her arms and hugs me. I hug her back. Mrs. Joaquin is already near sixty but she still looks like forty. She does age gracefully.

“Finally!” she says. “I’m starting to think that you don’t want to come here anymore.” She holds me by my shoulders.  I shake my head quickly.

“No Mrs. Joaquin, of course not.” I say. She lets go of me and goes back to her cooking. Matt approaches her and kisses her on the cheek. “Hi mom.” He says.

“Hi darling. How’s your brother?” her voice sounds a bit worried.

Matt talks about his brother and his condition. Mrs. Joaquin starts to become really worried when Matt says that Ben, his older brother, was in the ICU for a week when he visited him.

Mrs. Joaquin is the only mother I know that wears fancy clothes complemented with jewelries and a hair sprayed up do and still insists on cooking meals for her family instead of the maids. She says every time that ‘This kitchen is my haven.’ Mr. Joaquin entered the kitchen wearing his Sunday outfit, a navy blue long-sleeved polo and black slacks with Jane beside him now all dolled up. I think my shirt’s out of place. I should have worn a blouse or something, and a sandals, not sneakers.

“Larra. You’re here.” He says with his deep but soothing voice, almost a choir voice.

I walk towards him. “Hi.” I say and kiss him on his cheek.

“Lunch will be ready soon. You go now to the dining.” Mrs. Joaquin directs.

We all flock toward the dining area. I notice that the dining set is all new. It’s still a ten-seat long table but now it’s all wood. Varnished dark wood and its chairs are way bigger than the old one.

“This is very nice.” I say as I glide my palm on the top part of the chair.

“Rita picked it.” Mr. Joaquin says.

“Mrs. Joaquin has a very good taste.”

“She does.” He says as he nods.

Matt pulls the second chair from the center for me. I smile at him. He sits beside me. He’s now beside Mr. Joaquin who sits at the center and Jane across me.

“Here it is.” Mrs. Joaquin appears from the kitchen with a big silver tray in her hands. She puts it down slowly and carefully at the center of the table. The maids follow her into the dining with plates and trays in their hands. They put them on the table.

“We invited some friends. I think we should wait for them.” Mrs. Joaquin says as she sits between Jane and Mr. Joaquin. I shot a look at Matt. He shrugs. 

Not long after, we hear the doorbell rings. I hear their large wooden door opens and then closes. Mrs. Joaquin stands up. Mr. Joaquin follows. The rest of us follow and then I turn. I see an old man, maybe in his late 50’s comes in through the arch entering the dining area. A younger man follows behind him. And then this strange tingling electricity ran through my spine when I see a clear view of the younger man’s face.



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