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 I park my Ducati in front of the hotel entrance. I take the helmet off and slide my hand on my head to fix my hair, incase it’s damaged from wearing the helmet. The parking guy approaches, I handed him the key to my motorcycle. I pull my dress down slowly and fix it, hoping that It’s not ruined my poise by driving a motorcycle in a skin-fitting dress. The guy drove off with my Ducati to park it. I walk towards the entrance.

                It’s summer and a lot of tourists have been checking-in in Lou Amore. Lou Amore is the most high-class and five-star hotel and resort in the city. It has the best suites and rooms and has a man-made beach resort at the center of it. And the best thing about Lou Amore is that, they’ve got what a tourist needs and wants, and it’s in the middle of the city. Tourists wouldn’t have a hard time looking for some place that could have all what they want in a vacation. It’s very vast and huge and its architecture is undeniably breath taking. That’s why Lou Amore is the hotel that I highly suggest to my clients.

                I found the restaurant Mrs. Tanino, Ken and I would meet. This is Mrs. Tanino’s favorite restaurant out of all the restaurants in the hotel. It’s the only Japanese restaurant. I walk towards the receptionist. Irrashaimase! She says. I ask about Mrs. Tanino’s reservation. She calls a waiter and tells him to lead me the way. I follow him. I can already see Mrs. Tanino and Ken from afar. They’re by the window, sitting beside each other, facing my direction. As soon as Mrs. Tanino sees me, she waves her hand quickly in front of her chest. Ken smiles.

“Konbanwa!” I say as I bow my head. The waiter pulls a chair for me. “Thank you.” I say the waiter. He smiles and walks away. We’re now sitting across each other.

“Tenkyu so much fo coming miss Larra.” Mrs. Tanino says.

“Mrs. Tanino, you can speak to me in Japanese.” I offer. I sense that she’s sort of having a hard time talking to me in English.

“No. Iz alright. I want tso prak-tisss ma engrish.”

I nod and smile.

“Larra-san.” Ken calls. I look at him. “Dotemo kawaii desu.” He says shyly. I smile warmly at him.

“Arigatou gozaimasu. You too, you look good yourself.” I wave my hand in front of me as I point it at him. Ken and Mrs. Tanino looks at each other. It’s like they’re talking with their minds and then looks back at me. It was suspicious. I ignore the thought.

Mrs. Tanino calls the waiter and orders our food. I don’t mind her picking my food. The waiter leaves. Mrs. Tanino couldn’t stop smiling and I’m starting to wonder why.

“I i-vite you tsoo dinnah coz I tell you sumting.” She says.

“What is it Mrs. Tanino?”

“Afta dinna, I tell. Okay?”

I smile. “Okay.”

Ken is silent the whole time so I decide to make a conversation with him.

“Are you still in college?” I ask. He looks at me with his small, dark brown eyes.

“I jus grajuwayted.” He nods.

“What did you take up?”

“Biology. I want become eh doctoh.”

“Oh that’s nice!”

“He is an honoh student Miss Larra.” Mrs. Tanino brags. I don’t mind.

“Wow. You must be really smart. I heard biology is hard. What more, medicine?”

Mrs. Tanino and Ken giggle lightly. I notice Ken’s face turning pink.

“How bout you Miss Larra? What did you stu-ty?” Ken asks.

“Uhm…business, then tourism.”

“When did you stat yoh bisnez? You knoh, the travel eh-jency.”

“About three years ago.”

Our food arrives. The waiter serves two servings of sushi, three bentos for each of us, California maki, and tea.

“Wow. This is a lot Mrs. Tanino.” I chuckle.

“No, no. You eat a-lat okeh?” I nod.

It’s really a lot. The serving of the bento is like for three people. I’m not exaggerating.

I’m so full. I can’t take in any more food. I rub my warm palm on my stomach slowly. Mrs. Tanino pours tea in my cup. Thank you. I say. Ken’s still finishing up the four sushis left. I drink the tea slowly. I felt relief as I feel the warmness of the tea inside me and when it reaches my stomach. I drink more. I pour tea into Mrs. Tanino’s cup. She smiles. Then I remember that she has something to tell me.

“Mrs. Tanino. What was that you wanted to tell me?” I ask. She stops and looks at me. And then she looks at Ken. Ken’s eyes become nervous.

“Ken…” she starts but Ken touches her lap to stop her.

“I…..Miss Larra. I mean…Larra….” His voice trembles at the end. Now he’s making me nervous. Was there something I did that they have to be like this before telling me? Why don’t they…why won’t he just tell me what he wants to tell me to end this entire tensed aura.

“I like…I think I love you.” Ken says. I’m shocked. I feel my mouth drops open slowly and my eyes widens. I stop breathing for a second then compose myself and think of what I can possibly say to him. Where did this all come from? We just met three days ago and then he’s telling me now that he loves me. How’s that even possible? How can you love someone already in three days time? It’s not possible!

“Uhm…Ken? I think you’re mistaken. I…I’m three years older than you.”

“I could stay hee to prove my love fo you Larra. Da fust time I saw you…”

“No Ken. You’re making a big mistake.” I try to be as polite as I can.

“Ken iz a fery koood guy Miss Larra.” Mrs. Tanino defends. She starts to look worried.

“I know. I know he’s a good guy. But….it’s just…I’m sorry. I’m sorry Ken.” I say sympathetically. I reach for his hand to at least comfort him and make him feel better but he retreated. He looks down with a frown painted all over his face.

“I’m sorry.” I tell him once more. “I’m sorry.” I say to Mrs. Tanino. She makes the I’m-sorry-too face.

“Ken?” I call. He looks at me and inhales heavily.

“Okay. I un-duh-stan. I do.” He stands up and leaves.

“Ken!” I call. Mrs. Tanino tried to stop him but she wasn’t able to.

“I’m soo sorry Miss Larra. Ken leally likes you, a-lat. I try stop him but, he not listen. He’s jas a kid. I knoh you shocked and mad but I hope we could still friends?” her face, hopeful.

“Of course Mrs. Tanino. And I’m not mad. Really, I’m not.” I reach for her hand and hold it tightly.

“I will surely be back. I zee you again.” She smiles. We stand together. I offer her a hug. She hugs me lightly. I’ll see you soon. I whisper to her.




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