Its about 2 best friends name Mariela and Cindy they both move together in LA and they went to see the mall stores because they love shopping,after few weeks they meet one direction and ther lifes change to love,drama,and amazing.


3. two guys in love with cindy


cindy:"ohh my head"

mariela:"whats wrong?"

cindy:i think i'm sick ,i'm not going to work today i'm sorry

mariela:it's ok i'll tell the maneger that you didn't feel good

cindy:thank you

mariela:that's what best friends do

cindy:true that

mariela:"well i'm going to work and don't wait for me because today is friday and zayn is taking me on a date

cindy:thats nice 

mariela:ok bye


I didn't know what to do in side the house but my head was killing me so i went to the kitchen and i was looking for aspirin so my head could stop killing me.after i did that i heard the door knock so i went and i open the door, i saw Harry with beautiful red flowers saying i'm sorry,i told him to come in and he did.

Harry:I wanted to tell you that i'm really sorry for last friday

cindy:it's okay 

Harry:are you okay you look  sick

cindy:i am sick... out of no where i fell down and didn't know what happen



I didn't know what to do so i called her friend mariela .she told me to wait for her so i did and when i did i carried  cindy and took her to  bed .i waited, i couldn't wait more so i took her to the hospital and the Doctor told me if i was her boyfriend and i told him no but i was going to ask her today but then she fell down.the Doctor told me that how long was she like this i told him 10minutes ago.the Doctor told me if she had any sleeping problems or anything that makes her worried i told him that i didn't cindy's friend mariela came and said what happen i told her and she told me that wheres the Doctor.i told her that he's over there...

mariela:thank you

so i went and told the Doctor all about it and he said ok you could taker home and make sure that she get's a lot of sleep and no problems ok .i told the Doctor  ok 

after that Harry carried cindy and put her in the car .i told him that to not make my friend worried about louis and you.

Harry:"what cindy worries about me and louis"but,why?

mariela:yes,because of last friday when you guys started to fight and she left worried about you guys

Harry:thats why i came to see her and say sorry

mariela:ok harry just go home 

Harry:NO!! i want to stay by cindy because i love her

mariela:aww okay but dont wake her up

Harry:i won't  i just want to be by her side all day.

ok i'm going to be with cindy o and zayn is here to.

mariela ok 

zayn came inside and said do you still wana go to our date i said i don't know i dont want to leave cindy alone

zayn:you won't Harry is here with her bisides he loves her like yea

mariela:ok but  like what

zayn:like you and me what i'm trying to say is that "I LOVE YOU ".she looked down and turned red i grabbed her curves pulled them to me and then i grabbed her chin and said to her I LOVE YOU!and kissed her after that she hugged me and she said I LOVE YOU first i thought she was going to say no or i love someone ells but ,she said i love you,she loves me.

mariela:Hey zayn are you their 

zayn:o yea im here 

mariela:i woked zayn from his dream land and it was pretty cute when he day dream 

louis:Hey is cindy alright

mariela&zayn:yea shes alright

louis: can i go and see her


louis:why not?

mariela:because shes sleeping why dont you come tomorrow 

louis:ok see you tomorrow then

zayn:ok bye see you at the house 


i didn't tell him about harry because i know what will happen and i feel sorry for lieing to him but,i had to for my friend.

zayn:i understand o and lets go.

mariela:yea sure let me just check on cindy 

zayn:ok i'll wait here

mariela:so i went inside the house then went to cindy's room and looked if she was ok.when i did i saw Harry holding cindys hand and sleeping to .after that i left  with zayn to the movies.

zayn:so what movie you want to see?

mariela:mhm i dont know you pick

zayn:"ok let's see this one"

mariela:"ok but i have to go to the bathroom

zayn:okay but hurry because the movie is going to start

mariela:ok i won't take i went and i was pretty nerves because zayn picked a scary one and i dont like scary movies but o well at least i'm with him.

zayn:"HEY MARIELA I'M OVER HERE" i went and set down next to zayn after that the movie started and i was really nerves because the movie was to much bloody and i was starting to get scared so when i did i jumped and zayn grabbed my hand and he said to me "it's all right "its just a movie.i said ok so when he said that i started to calm my self .

zayn:so did you like the movie 

mariela:"yea it was so great!"but,thanks for  the movie i had a great time

zayn:okay,let me take you home

mariela:lets go,we made it to my house then i told zayn thanks and bye but after that i slowly got out of the car. out of no where zayn grabbed my hand and he told me to wait so i did wait,he got out of the car ,he came to my side and told me "would you be my girlfriend"i was really nerves and said "YES".when i said yes zayn grabbed me and said "I LOVE YOU"

then we slowly looked at each other and then kissed it was "AMAZING" .After that he left and said to me "GOODBYE my love".when he left i went inside,went to cindy's room check on her and she was feeling alot better then i slowly woked Harry and told him to leave he said ok so he left and i went to sleep.



I got up,  went to cindy's room and  she wasn't there.I checked the kitchen and there she was making breakfast and she was ready to go work but i had to tell her that she couldn't worked today because of what the Doctor told i did and she said 


mariela:i'm sorry but,you have to stay home and don't worry i'm working for 9hours ok that will  make a lot of money dont worry ok i'm going work ok so have fun and dont worry to much ok relax ."bye"

cindy:ok bye "good luck".when my friend left i started to clean and then i finnished in 1hour after that i heard the door "knock",I opened the door  louis was there and i told him to come in

louis:thanks for letting me in

cindy:no problem

louis:how are you?

cindy:I'm getting better thanks for asking

louis:let's go and walk around the park

cindy:yea sure "I really need some air and get out of here"but let me go and change.

louis:okay I'll wait for you here i went to change clothes then fix my long brown,red hair after that i went down where louis was.after that me and louis left to go walk around the park.

louis:I wanted to tell you that i'm really sorry about last Friday, i know i was acting like a little baby and i'm really soory.

cindy:"It's okay i just don't want you guys using me like a toy to play around like I have feelings to you know that.

louis:i'm sorry and i want you to tell me right now

cindy:tell you what?

louis:who do you love me or Harry?


louis:tell me because I do love you 

when i told her that she looked at me right in the eyes and told me.

"I dont know"she walked away and said to me i have to go

i said to her  wait tell me ,i have to know

cindy:i'm sorry I dont know pleas let me go i want to be alone

louis:ok so i let her hand go and said to her to think of what i said.she told me okay 

cindy:I left louis so i could think of what he told me and i did .it took me 5minutes to think who i really love and i went back  where louis was and i told him that i have the answer for his question.

louis:so who do you love me or Harry?

cindy:I hold louis hand ,looked at him right in the eye and i told him I'm really sorry but, who i love is Harry.

louis:o I understand but why are you doing here go get him before he likes another girl and i dont want you to be sad.

cindy:thanks louis and i hope you find a girl that loves you.


cindy:so i left and i took my phone out and txted Harry to meet me at the park

Harry:i was walking  then my phone was ringing and i looked "It's a message from cindy".so i looked and it said "Harry meet me at the park."after i read the message i went and she was there waiting for me.

cindy:I was waiting for harry so i looked up and i saw him.I walked up to him and said there you are 

Harry:i saw you and i was going to walk over there but i think i,m late.

cindy:it's okay besides i want to tell you something and this is important.

Harry:"what is it,is something wrong?"

cindy:"No!"can i tell you


cindy:I love you!!

Harry:"I LOVE YOU TWO!!"I wanted to tell you but,when you where in front of me i didn't know how to tell that i did i feel much better.

cindy:good because i feel better two

Harry:i have to tell you something so i'm going to say it and i want you to pick yes or no.


Harry:would you be my girlfriend?when i said it she looked at me with those beautiful chocolate brown eyes.

cindy:"YES!!!".when i told him, he grabbedme and said i love you with his beautiful smile.

"Harry slowly kissed me and said i only have three words to tell you.""I said what

Harry:"I LOVE YOU!!"

When i said that she grabbed my hands and she told me "I love you two babe."at first i loved it but ,then i told to my self "o shit what do i call her."i was thinking but, then "cindy told me whats wrong?"i told her nothing babe

cindy:okay lets go walk around the park

Harry:yea sure.after we went walking i got a called from this girl 

cindy:who is it?

Harry:it's this girl that keeps on calling me should i answer or no.

cindy:answer probably she wants to talk to you

Harry:okay so i did answer the call and it was liams girlfriend she told me that that was her new number i told her ok and then i took cindy home.we kissed and said goodbye.

(2 years pass)



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