Its about 2 best friends name Mariela and Cindy they both move together in LA and they went to see the mall stores because they love shopping,after few weeks they meet one direction and ther lifes change to love,drama,and amazing.


1. Two best friends


cindy:"Hey what are you doing Mariela."

mariela:o nothing just packing my stuff an go live in LA and you.

cindy:Thats nice i'm just moving out of my moms house.


Hey why dont you move with me in LA and we could have fun?It will be amazing living together as best friends "come on pleas."


mariela:"WOOHOO" Hey but my airplane is tomorrow and how are you going to get your ticket.

cindy:its ok i can get it in my computer and ill get it tomorrow if you get there first than wait for me ok and i got to go ok bye

mariela:bye see you there.


I think im going to pack my clothes, my shoes and some towels.o i forgot is tomorrow i'll just get it ready and sleep one more night.I should put the alarm ready to so i could get ready ok everythig is ready.


omg  i'm so happy that i am moving to LA.ok i got everything ready for tomorrow."HEY mom can you make my favorite food tomorrow in the morning pleas."ok goodnight.


"ring".the alarm went off,it was 7:00am and i went to get ready after that i went to eat brakfast.then i went to the airplane and i got to set next to this lady that was talking to her dog, saying baby stuff to the dog i was like ok this lady is crazy ,but o well its only one hour Its going to be alright,after one hour passes. the airplane stoped the guy said "WE ARE IN LA!" I was like ok i'm ready to go so i went out  looking for my friend mariela.Then i  was walking  i heard my friend  say my name and i turn around and it was her so i went to her and  she told me that she got the house of her dreams and i was like omg really.mariela said to go leave our stuff over there.after that we went shopping for beds and blankets so we  buyed two beds, two blankets,we went back home and fix it and went to sleep.


"hey wake up sleepy head!" we are going to be late for our jobs.

cindy:ok im up.

mariela:ok so we have to be there at 3 so it makes us get ready and go eat somewhere

cindy:ok well lets go eat 

mariela:wait i have to put my shoes 

cindy:ok but hurry up because im ready to go and im hungry

mariela:ok im ready


after eating we went to work at a fashion store and it was amazing because there where so many beautiful clothes and i was so happy after that we went to eat in a resturant.

mariela:lets go come on

cindy:ok ill be there just order a table ok

mariela:ok but im getting the best spot ever

cindy:ok i get it

so i went back to the car and got my phone, i saw that i had 2 messages  and then i bump into some random guy i couldnt see him because i fell down and he told me are you ok im so sorry .

i was like its ok i just feel little bit dezy thats all "omg my shirt is wet". o  im sorry about that i kinda wet you with my drink i was like its ok .the guy told me its not ok let me buy you a shirt. i was like ok but i dont want you to waist your money in me he said o its ok besides its all my falt i said oh no its my  falt because i was looking at my messages. he said its alright hey i'm harry and whats your name i was like oh my name is cindy oh shit i forgot i have to go my friend is wating for me.

Harry:hey wait give me your number 


it was to late girls where around him saying i love you and i was like i meet harry styles i went to my friend and she was talking to this guy and when i saw her she was mad at me for taking so long.

mariela:hey where were you i was so lonly !

cindy:haha i  can see that

mariela:i was ordering my drink 

cindy:o im sorry but i have to tell you this i meet Harry styles from one direction and he buyed this shirt for me because he wet my other shirt

mariela:"WHAT!!" and wheres your shirt that got wet 

cindy:o shit he has my shirt o well at least i meet harry styles

mariela:omg true that lets go home

cindy:ok lets go 


so we went to my car, he was there waiting for me and i was like omg mariela harry is at my car what do i do

mariela:go girl go talk to him because i dont want to walk home

cindy:ok so i went over there and i said o hey why are you here 

Harry:i just want to say im sorry what happen  and give this to you

cindy:o my shirt i forgot it thank you for giving me my shirt back

Harry:thats what i could do at least for you 

cindy:well i got to go because i work in the morning so yup this is good bye i guess

Harry:WAIT lets go out and eat tomorrow when you finnish working


Harry:ok heres my number txt me so i could get your number 


 so i did txt him back and he got my number,but out of nowhere i felt something wierd in felt so beautiful.

Harry:ok i got your number but can i get a hug from you cindy

cindy:i was like ok so we huged , i smelled him,he was so nice and hot i couldnt stand it .i told him that i got to go and he said ok so he kissed me in the cheek and i felt my face burnig i thought i was turning red and i wasnt but i felt so hot in my face. then i went home thinking of Harry on how he was so nice and hot but after that my friend mariela  told me what happen,i told her that im in love with Harry and she told me i know that but what happen what did he told you.i told her and she was like omg im so happy for you.i told her that she will find her dream guy.she told me that i hope so .after that i went to sleep and then my alarm ringed and it was 7:30am i was like o shit im late for work so i dress up put any shoes and i came to work and my friend told me omg you got us late so the maneger came up to us and said what happen why are you guys late ,we told her a lie and she said ok but next time you guys come late i'll tell you to look for a nother job.i was like ok 

mariela:see what you did 

cindy:im sorry






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