Its about 2 best friends name Mariela and Cindy they both move together in LA and they went to see the mall stores because they love shopping,after few weeks they meet one direction and ther lifes change to love,drama,and amazing.


4. the 2year love


cindy:it's been 2 years already ,my friend and me went to our boyfriends house.we went so we could go somewhere to eat..

then after that mariela told me that she didn't feel good at all.

mariela:i got to go bathroom

cindy:want me to go with you 

mariela:no really i'm ok i went to the table and told zayn 

zayn:what can you go check pleas

cindy:ok but it will take i went to see if shes alright and when i did she was throwing up.i told her your pregnant

mariela:"I DON'T KNOW CINDY HELP ME!!!?"

cindy:okay lets go to the store and buy a pregnancy test

mariela:ok but,what do i say to zayn 


I just tell him that you didn't feel good and that i have to take you home

mariela:ok lets go 

cindy:so we did and  took her home so they could believe us.when i did i got a call from Harry i answer and i said hello.

Harry:Hey is your friend ok

cindy:yea shes ok but i have to go to the store so im not going to be home ok

Harry:which store

cindy:Harry im just getting a medicine for my friend.i have to go see to night

Harry:i hope she gets well soon and see you tonight bye.

cindy:ok bye.when i finished talking to Harry on the phone i went and got the  pregnancy test.when i did ,I went to the house and then i went to marielas room.I told her that i'm going to wait for the results of the test,she told me she went and tooked it after that we waited for the results and finally it was time so i grabbed the pregnancy test looked at it and it said two sticks so i didn't know because i forgot so i told mariela to give me the  instructions so i could know what two sticks mean.I checked the instructions and it said that if it was two sticks than that means your after that i told mariela so she said lets take another one to make sure, I told her ok so we did and the results where the same .Mariela :"I'm pregnant OMG!!!"what do i do should i go to the doctors or tell zayn.

cindy:doctors because you never know if  the results are true 

Mariela:ok so we went to the hospital and told the doctor about the pregnancy test "she told us that it maybe true but ,to make sure, she checked me out and she told us that shes pregnant and that we had to come to check on the pregnancy on how it's going.after that we went home and zayn,Harry,Louis,Liam,and Nial where right there setting  down in the living room we didn't know what to do but to say Hi to them after that zayn came to me and said "how are you feeling?"i told him better.

zayn:thats great news 


zayn:but what?

mariela:I have to tell you something and its really important.

zayn:ok what is it 

mariela:"I'M PREGNANT!!"

zayn:your pregnant 

mariela:Yea your going to be a Dad arnt you happy

zayn:Yes i am.after that mariela went to tell the guys but,i didnt know what to say at first i was happy.then i was thinking if i was ready for this and then mariela told me"Hey babe come lets talk."so i went to mariela 

mariela:are you ok you seem worried,is it what i told you if it is than you can't do nothing about it because this baby is going to be born 

zayn:i'm not say-ng anything i'm just nerves i don't  know what to do.

mariela:i grabbed zayn's hands and i told him that everything is going to be alright.

zayn:when mariela grabbed my hands, she told me that i felt calm and it was amazing then i told her ok let's go with Harry and cindy.


so we went over there where Harry and cindy  was.

cindy:o hi zayn and mariela so are you guys ready to be perants 

mariela&zayn:YES WE ARE READY

cindy:ok i'm sorry i'm just excited for you guys

Harry:yea zayn and mariela we are so excited for  you guys and the baby two.after i said that i was kinda nerves two because i don't want to have a baby right now and i'm not ready for that

cindy:Hey BABE are you ok.

Harry:"""yea i'm ok but are you ok ,like do you feel sick or throwing up any thing?""'

cindy:i'm not pregnant if you where worried about it  theres your answer and calm down you look nerves

Harry:ok i'm sorry and lets go to your room because i have to tell you something.

cindy:ok so we left from the living room where all the guys are happy for mariela and zayn.we left to my room, it was kinda making me nerves and then Harry grabbed my arm and told me to set down.when i did he looked at me really serious 

Harry:ok i want you to know that i'm not ready to be a Dad and if you get mad at me you have all the rights .

cindy:it's ok besides i'm not ready for that two ,then out of no where Harry grabbed me and told me thank you .I didn't want  to see him worried because that makes me nerves two.

Harry:I love you cindy 

cindy:I love you two then we kissed.after that we went to the living room and all the guys and  mariela stoped talking  then they started to stear at harry and me it was really weird

mariela where were you guys

cindy:we were at my room talking about important stuff

louis:what important stuff

liam&niall:yea what important stuff

Harry:it's about something that you guys don't need to knowand if you excuse us we are going to see a movie 

cindy:ok bye guys,after that we went to the car and then Harry hold my hand and said "we are here at the movies".so then we got out of the car and inter inside.

Harry:i want you to see this movie its really good

cindy:ok lets go then

Harry:ok so we went inside, watched the hole movie and after that it was over then i took her somewhere to eat .

cindy: the movie was great and why do we have to go eat

Harry:because i have to tell you something really important 

cindy:but babe can you just tell me right now

Harry:no because it's a surprise two.

cindy:ok but

Harry:"No buts" lets go,so we went to eat and i told the waiter to bring the surprise 

cindy:so whats the surprise

Harry:you'll see

cindy:ok whats this im not hungry


cindy:i open it and there was a ring inside



"when i open it i was so nerves and more when Harry told me if i wanted to merry him.SO Harry carried me and kissed me and then all the people where clapping there  hands ,it was so amazing."


season 2 ,what will happen next will cindy change her mind ?will zayn get mad at mariela or will he stay with her and the baby?you never know whats going to happen ?


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