Its about 2 best friends name Mariela and Cindy they both move together in LA and they went to see the mall stores because they love shopping,after few weeks they meet one direction and ther lifes change to love,drama,and amazing.


2. meeting one direction


yesterday was a bad day but there's always an other day


true that but, hey what what kind of clothes are you going to use  for your  date with Harry styles.


i don't know besides its not a date he's just taking me because he sorry about what happen


"Thats what you say,but what i see is love and these eyes don't lie."


"HAHAHA your funny did you know that haha..."


ok what ever you say.


ok good night and im soo sorry about work


its ok but next time i'll get really mad because i love my job.


ok i'll be careful,goodnight




when i said good night to my bff i was thinking of what she told me on what kind of clothes i'm going to use for the date with Harry.i didnt believe it  at first but now i do and i'm pretty nerves .

"RING!!" my alarm turn off,i haded to wake up mariela and she told me "WE DONT WORK TODAY GO TO SLEEP!!!"

I said what then why ded my alarm wake me up.mariela told me because you where going to by a dress for your date with Harry .I didn't remember that it was today after that i went to go and look for my perfect dress but i got a message from Harry saying "Hey bring your friend",i told him ok where.He told me o i'll pick you guys up.i told him ok .after that i told my friend to come to the mall .


why ,is it important






"mariela im over here"


ok now tell me 


Harry send me a message to bring a friend so i'm going to take you with me and yea lets get us a perfect dress


really thats so amazing


so my friend and me found the perfect dress "saying your lookin good and normal."after that we went home and get ready so we did, my friend  and me hear someone knocking .i went and harry was there standing with a beautiful smile.

Harry:Hi can i inter 

Cindy:O yea come in

Harry:you look so beautiful in that dress ,o and this is my friends louis,niall,zayn and liam.

cindy:O i thought only one friend 

Harry:its ok i just wanted you to bring only one friend

cindy:ok because i only invited mariela

o and yea this is my best friend mariela.after i intruduced her, zayn and liam  looked at her and she was pretty nerves because of them.

mariela:"HI"nice to meet you guys i really love your music 

one direction:thank you and both of you girls look beautiful to night

mariela:thank you

cindy:thank you so lets go 

Harry:ok lets go

cindy:we all went to eat somewhere and it was kinda nice but louis was staring at me and i didn't know what to do.

louis:Hey cindy so how did you and harry meet each other.

cindy:i told him what happen

louis:o are you ok now

cindy:yea i am ok now 

louis:so what are you doing tomorrow

cindy:i told louis that i'm not doing anything but,i had a feeling that he wanted to take me out  on a date and Harry was stering at louis in a bad way.louis looked at Harry like saying "SHE'S MINE!!"I didn't know what to do it was like they where fighting for me.

louis:ok wana go out tomorrow 

cindy:ok but,what are we going to do 

Harry:hey louis i thought you where going to go and hang out with zayn

louis:o i forgot,well i'm sorry cindy maybe next week how about monday.lets go out and see a movie together.

cindy:o ok

louis: Its a date


louis:did i say something rong

cindy:no its ok 

Harry: its not ok what are you trying to do louis



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