Whatever It Takes

When they meet, it's not under ideal circumstances, but even with the many complications of having a relationship while being in one of the most popular boybands in the world, can Audrey and Liam make it work?


1. Vas happenin'?

        Suddenly I can feel a bright white light on my eyelids.  I want to open my eyes, but I can't, they are too heavy, and try as I might, they just won't budge.  Then I can hear voices.  They sound worried, and somewhat frantic.  I hear a door swing open.

"Where is he! Is he OK? What happened?!"

Is that...?  No, it can't be.  Mom?  No, I must be dreaming, mom is almost 4000 miles away, home, in England. 

I hear another voice, a man's this time. 

"He got hit by a car while running from a mob of crazed fans.  The driver is over there.  What I want to know is why he didn't have any security with him.  we have security specifically so this doesn't happen!"

I recognize this voice to be Paul's.

I hear the woman's voice again.

"Oh my word, hit by a car!?  My darling baby boy!"

Yep thats Mom...  As embarrassing as her outburst is, I have an overwhelming urge to hug her, or at the very least see her face.  I haven't seen her in person for almost 2 months!  I again struggle and try to pry my eyes open, but they just won't budge.  I hear a high pitched beep and then cries of shock.  I feel an icy cool liquid seep into my veins, and I am out again.

A/N:  thanks for reading my story, im really excited to write it.  This is my first one, so apologize if u don't think its very good.  As i said in the description I'm open to any suggestions.  And yes, I know this chapter is short.  I'm just "setting the stage".  The other chapters will be longer I promise :)

<3 U!!!!
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