Whatever It Takes

When they meet, it's not under ideal circumstances, but even with the many complications of having a relationship while being in one of the most popular boybands in the world, can Audrey and Liam make it work?


2. the way you look tonight

        I have no idea how long I am out for.  It could have been hours, it could have been days, for all I know I could have been out for months!  All I know is that when I regain consciousness, there is no longer a bright light shining on me.

I try, once again, to open my eyes and feel relief flood into me as I victoriously open them.  I am in a small room.  There is a wooden dresser across from me, and a small TV up in the left corner of the room.  Its very dark in the room, and I assume that its nighttime.

Then I see her.  A girl, sitting on a chair in the corner.  Sleeping to be more exact.  She has her dark brown hair pulled into a ponytail, and has her cheek cradled in her hand.  I can't help but be mesmerized by her beauty.  Don't get me wrong, I love Danielle, but there is just something about this girl that makes me unable to take my eyes off her.  Then it strikes me how odd the situation is.

Where am I?  Who is this girl?  Why is she here?

I look down to see myself covered in an ugly dress-like number.  Suddenly it all makes sense.  I am in the hospital!  Bloody Hell! according to Paul, I was hit by a car!  

        Wait, he said the driver was here.  Where is he?  I am not the type to get mad, but I feel a sickening need to give this driver a piece of my mind.  The door is closed and the only person I can see is the sleeping girl.  I guess the driver must have left.  Oh well...

I want to ask the girl so many questions, but she looks so peaceful sleeping there.  I resign to watching her sleep, and eventually fall into a peaceful sleep my self.

A/N: again, thanks so much for reading my story, and as always, I am open to suggestions.  I especially want suggestions on names for this "mystery girl".  I have an idea of what I want her name to be, but I'm not dead set on it yet.  Also, i realize although this chapter is longer than the last, its still kinda short.  Don't worry, the next one is much longer
<3 U guys!
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