July, 1999

When a summer prank goes terribly wrong, four friends lives are changed forever. When school starts back up in september, they try to keep it a secret from the rest of the student bodyl. When the year rolls around to October, things begin to happen that are not only unspeakable, but unexplainable. Now it's up to the four friends to stop the unspeakable things by recalling their horrific experiences during that fateful month that none of them would ever forget.

Work in Progress


2. September 9, 1999

    Lexi's alarm clock went off at 7:00 in the morning. She sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes, thinking that it would somehow help her wake up. She got out of bed slowly and made her way to her bathroom at the end of the room. She was not looking forward to starting the new year. That summer had been the worst summer in her entire life. When Mikey's mom couldn't find her own son, she was heart broken. The next few days after that were the most difficult. The four friends watched as the Mikey's mom's life completely fade away through all of the tears that she shed. 

    The four teens we brought into the station for questioning, and they all told the same story. They were playing man hunt at the fourth of July part, when Mikey simply just disappeared. The four friends knew that this simply wasn't the case though. They had murdered him. Mikey had died in of the worst way possible. Just thinking about that entire month of July made Lexi sick to her stomach. Lexi would have night terrors almost every night, and her parents were starting to get worried about her.

    Today was the start of Lexi's senior year of high school, and she knew that it would be the worst year of her life. She would constantly be reminded throughout the year about how she was the reason a good man like Mikey Meyers never got to graduate and live life. It was all her fault.

    Lexi slowly put her clothes on. She then ate breakfast and left her house to start the worst ten months of her life. As she walked down the sidewalk, she was soon met up by Haley; and then Sean. Jack had his own truck and didn't need to walk to school. Lexi examined her two best friends and saw that they were just as depressed and nervous to begin this new year. They had all gone through the same thing that she did. They were all responsible for the death of one of their own. 

    The three walked in silence as the arrived at the bustling school. All of the kids were socializing, not worrying at all about their careless lives. None of the student body knew what it was like to hurt inside. Nobody, except for the four friends, who brought their own hurt upon themselves. 

    Jack was sitting on the tailgate of his truck drinking a soda. The three walked over to him. Jack looked just as depressed as the rest of him. They all stood, silent for a few seconds, Sean was the first to break.

"This year is going to be shit!" Sean said, quiet enough so nobody else could hear.

"Yeah, you don't think I know that!" Jack snapped back.

"We should have just told the truth when we had the chance," Haley cried.

"You're probably right. But it's too late for that." Jack frowned.

    During this whole conversation, Lexi remained quiet. She was too depressed to even talk. She had lied to Mrs. Meyers. she had lied right to her face. Lexi could have ended the whole situation, and they could have dealt with the consequences. But instead, she lied and now all she feels is guilt and sorrow. 

   The first be for homeroom rung. All of the students in front of the school began to head in to their classrooms. Jack jumped from the back of his truck and shut the tailgate. The four friends walked into the school together, silent. But nobody would question them. All of the others students thought they were quiet because they had lost one of their best friends. Nobody knew the truth.

    Haley and Lexi had 1st period together. They sat in desks next to each other and pretended to listen as the teacher introduced herself and told about the work they would be doing in the class. The announcements came on. On it was the principal. He began to talk about Mikey and how the rest of the student body needs to be careful and cannot talk to strangers. Lexi felt sick to her stomach. Haley felt the same way too. 

    When the announcements ended, the teacher continued with her introduction. It wasn't long before Haley realized that Lexi was pale white. Lexi slowly raised her hand. The teacher called on her.

"I don't really feel so good." Lexi said slowly. The teacher then dismissed her from the class. About a half an hour past after Lexi left before Haley started to get worried. She raised her hand also. 

"I'm going to go make sure she is ok," Haley said. The teacher then dismissed her.

    Haley quickly ran to the nearest bathroom, knowing that's where Lexi would be. She threw open the door and what she found was more gruesome then Mikey's severed body. Lexi's dead body was surrounded by a pool of blood on the bathroom floor. He stomach had been completely hollowed out, leaving a big, empty hole in her stomach. 

    Haley tried to scream, but she was in too much shock. A drop of blood landed on her shoulder. Curious, Haley looked up to see that all of Lexi's inner organs were stuck to the ceiling, and they were all dripping blood. This is when Haley began to scream.

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