July, 1999

When a summer prank goes terribly wrong, four friends lives are changed forever. When school starts back up in september, they try to keep it a secret from the rest of the student bodyl. When the year rolls around to October, things begin to happen that are not only unspeakable, but unexplainable. Now it's up to the four friends to stop the unspeakable things by recalling their horrific experiences during that fateful month that none of them would ever forget.

Work in Progress


1. July 4, 1999

"He's dead!" Lexi screamed as she looked down at what looked like the dead body of one of her best friends.

    The body of Mikey Meyers was pale while. The only part of his body that wasn't white was his lips, which were pure black. The eyes were wide open and staring up in horror at the four people standing above him. The four living people stood in shock looking at the lifeless body, knowing that they were responsible for the death. Different things went through each of their minds as they realized their prank had gone to hell.

    Lexi Adams was thinking about what prison would be like. Because she knew thats where she would be going. She had accidentally killed Mikey and she would be charged for manslaughter. Lexi knew that if she did go to prision, it would only be a matter of time before she would hang herself.

    Sean Keats was thinking about how his life would change forever. He was a straight A student, captain of the football team, and played the flute in the concert band. He was a nice kid and would never hurt a fly. It was his idea to play this, what seemed like, a harmless prank on Mikey. But now it just turned into something so much more then that, he would be going to jail and he could say goodbye to his dream of becoming a news broadcaster.

    Haley Whitehouse was thinking about the circumstances of what would happen to Mikey's family. Haley was Mikey's ex-girlfriend and they were still able to somehow stay friends. She knew that when Mikey's mom find out that her only child was killed, she would never be the same.

    Jack Ferdinand was thinking about ways that they could get out of the sticky situation that they were in. They were on the third floor of Mikey's house and there was a large Fourth of July party going on below. There were three options that they could do right now. 1.) They could tell Mikey's mom the truth and deal with the consequences that followed. 2.) They could come up with a lie that Mikey simply had an extreme asthma attack. 3.) They could sneak the body out of the house somehow and pretend that Mikey simply dissappeared. All of these options seemed possible to pull off, but all of them had their risks. Jack decided that the best option to pull of was option 3. They would just have to somehow get Mikey's body out of the house.

"We need to get the body out of the house." Jack said to his three friends who were scared out of their minds.

"What?" Haley said in shock.

"We need to take his body out of the house and bury it somewhere where no one will ever find it." Jack explained. 

"Absolutely not! Mikey was a good kid and deserves to have a funeral!" Lexi screamed in distress.

"Do you want to go to jail!" Jack snapped back. Lexi went silent.

"There's a huge party going on downstairs. We won't be able to get it out." Sean pointed out.

"If we can get the body down to the second floor, we can get him through a window." Jack explained the plan to everyone.

"I can't do this!" Haley cried out.

"Yes you can. You just gotta remember that if we dont do this, we are going to jail!" Jack said, trying to be inspirational.

"Maybe we deserve to go to jail. This was all out fault!" Haley screamed back. She was being resiliant.

"Not it wasn't. It was an accident. This was all and accident!" Jack yelled back. Haley then went quiet. 

Jack walked over to Lexi and held her hands as he gave her, her instructions: "Lexi, you're an actress. You need to be the diversion. Distract  the party downstairs. I don't care what you do! We'll signal you when we are ready."

"I can't! I can't!" Lexi cried, clearly very scared.

"Yes you can. You're very good at acting, especially in tense situations," Jack said, trying to comfort her. It was clear that he had taken charge of the situation. Lexi, pondered while crying at the same time.

"Ok. I will." Lexi said

"Good, now go," Jack said, guesturing her toward the stairs. Lexi quickly wiped the tears of her face and ran down the stairs. Jack then turned to the other two friends.

"Haley, you and I are going to go outside under the bathroom window. Sean, since you are the football player, you need to carry the body to the bathroom and throught the window." Jack explained.

    The three teenagers quickly went into action. Jack and Haley ran down the stairs, leaving  Sean alone to deal with the body. Sean quickly slipped his fingers under the corpse and picked it up slowly. He wanted to treat it with as much care as possible.

    Meanwhile, downstairs, Lexi was trying to figure out a diversion to make sure noticed the fact they had killed one of their own. Lexi immediately came up with and idea. She shoved her way through the crowded living room, towerd the coffee table at the center of the room. When she got there, she stepped up onto it and began getting the crowds attention. She began flailing her arms back and forth and giving little yelps. In the distance, Lexi could see Mikey's mom toward the back of the room. She looked really confused. 

"Hello, um, for any of you guysthat don't know me, I'm Lexi. And I uh... me and Mikey made a bet that if I could sing a song in front of a large crowd, he'd give me fifty bucks. So, I'm about to be fifty buck richer." Lexi announced. She then procceded in singing her favorite song, Venus.

    From upstairs, Sean could her Lexi singing. That was his cue to get down to the bathroom. He threw the corpse over his shoulder and walked down the stairs slowly. He quickly went into the nearby bathroom and ran to the window. Outdise, he could see Jack and Haley standing on the ground below. Before Sean could open the window, he could hear the sound of footsteps outside of the bathroom. Sean took action immediately and locked the door. The person outside then knocked on the door.

"Somebody's in here," Sean quickly said as he opened the window.

"Can you hurry up," The mysterious person said, it sounded like an old man.

"I can only go so fast," Sean snapped back. As he began to lower the corpse to Jack and Haley below.

    The man on the other side of the door began to knock violently. Sean looked below to see that Jack and Haley had the body and were heading toward Jack's truck out back. The knocking increased, and Sean had, had it with this asshole who couldn't use any of the other bathrooms. Sean quickly opened the bathroom door, ready to yell at the man. But there was no one there. Sean looked in one direction of the hallway, and then the other direction, he was nowhere to be seen. Sean put this strange affair past him, and ran downstairs.

    Lexi had just finished singing, when she saw Sean in the back of the crowd giving her the signal. "Thank you every one," Lexi said timidly. She then made her way toward the back door as the party continued. She was suddenly was stopped by Mikey's mom.

"Is everything alright Lexi, you seem to be scared?" Mikey's mom asked, curious.

"No, everything is fine," Lexi replied as she walked past her and out of the backdoor, where she met up with Sean.

"You did good," Sean said.

"Thanks, now lets go!" Lexi replied quickly.

    Lexi and Sean quickly ran to Jack's truck, where him and Haley were tying Mikey down in the back tailgate of the truck. They had him covered by a blanket and they had ropes holding him down. On top of the truck was a giant shovel.

"Whats all this for?" Sean asked.

"We're going to be traveling fast and we don't want his body flying out of the back." Jack said, "Let's go, we're going to bury him in Washington's grove."

    The four friends got into the truck and quickly began driving away from the house. As the house dissapeared from their sight, they all began crying. Their lives would never be the same. Even if no one ever found out, they would know, and nothing could ever change that.

    On top of the truck, the ropes holding down the shovel began to loosen. But none of the people in the truck noticed, they were all too busy figuring out a story about why they had left the party early. The truck then pulled onto a back road heading toward the Washington Grove in the middle of the woods. Jack decided he needed to get to the grove quicker, he stepped on the gas pedal really hard and the car sped forward, causing the shovel on top of the truck to come loose and fall on the dead body below. The blood of Mikey Meyers splattered all over the back window. Haley began to scream.

"Mikey! No!" Haley screamed, and she bagan to cry,

    Just at that moment, they had shown up to the grove. Jack got out of the truck and looked in the tailgate at the damage. The shovel had sliced the body perfectly. The hot, red blood was spewing everywhere from his middle section of his body. His intestines were scattered all across the tailgate and bits and pieces were on the back window. Jack kept the girls in the car while him and Sean did the dirty work. Sean took the bottom half of his best friend, Jack too the top. Blood was squiting all over them and the ground, leaving a bloody mess. They placed the body neatly on the ground. Then Jack began to dig.

    It took Jack about an hour and a half of straight digging to dig a hole deep enough. Jack and Sean then put the two halves of the body neatly in the hole. The girls then came out of the truck and joined the boys.

"Does anyone want to say anything about Mikey before we bury him?" Jack asked. There was a long pause before haley broke the silence.

"He didn't deserve to go the way he did, it was just unimaginably awful, what we did," Haley said with tears in his eyes.'

"He deserved to have a funeral. He was a good kid," Sean added.

"It's too late for that, We are in this together," Lexi pointed out.

"We can never speak of this day again. None of this ever happened. This day never existed. We only pretend Mikey dissapeared. We never speak about the circumstances of his death, am i clear?," Jack asked.

    The three others agreed. Jack picked up the shovel and began burying a past that four chose to never speak of again. They were not only burying away their best friend, but numerous secrets that only the four of them knew, dark secrets, grewsome secrets. When Jack finished up, the four friends walked back to the truck to return to the world that they had screwed up, thinking they had gotten away with what they did.

    Nothing would prepare them for what would happen in the fall.




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