The Roller Coaster That Is Life

When I heard his soft, Irish accent say my name, I about lost it. For a split second, the chaos around me faded. Here I was, staring into those gorgeous blue eyes, frozen. Finially, as reality snapped back into place, he said it again, "Ava right?" all I could register was a nod and in return he gave me the slightest, most adorable grin I had ever seen and said "I'm Niall Horan."

That was the day that my life whipped out of place, from normal to insane, the day my roller coaster flipped, twirled, and spiraled out of control.


9. Unexpected

It had been three and a half months since they had left and everything was going just fine. Coral and I were back to art school persueing our passion for fashion, and Niall and I had been getting to talk a lot more often. I had become much more popular at the university because of my relationship with Niall and friendship with the other boys and El and Dani. But over all I just kept with Coral because I knew that none of these people were true friends, they just wanted in on the fame.

I was walking around campus with Coral one day in high wasted shorts and a crop top, my hair in a bun, sunglasses covering my eyes, when I saw, or I thought I saw something familiar. I stopped suddenly, mid-step. Up ahead, sitting at one of the many tables in that area was Harry, or at least the back of Harry's head.
I grabbed Corals arm and whispered, "Coral! That's Harry, he's over there," I pointed to where I had seen the back of Harry's head but he wasn't there anymore.
"Harry?! Where?!" said coral, fixing her short blonde hair and looking around.
"He was right there!" I said pointing to the empty table. "I saw the back of his curly fry head!"
Coral rolled her eyes and said, "maybe you just reeeallyy miss the boys and you just thought that some guy with curly hair was Harry."
I turned to face her and sighed, "you're probably ri-" I cut myself off and stared straight behind Coral, into the eyes of Mr. Liam Payne himself. His eyes widened and he sprinted away.
"what?" Coral said, giving me a weird look.
"Liam," i said. "Liam!!! He was right behind you!" I grabbed Corals hand and started running to where I had seen Liam go.
We got to a T in that pathway and stopped. I was trying to decide which way to go when some tall guy bumped into Coral and I as he turned left. We didn't make eye contact.
"ugh, jerk," Coral said. I was about to agree but then I looked where the guy had gone and saw him turn his head and smile his mysterious smile at me, it was Zayn.
I was so confused, "Oh come onnn," I said rolling my eyes. I kept hold of Corals hand and followed after Zayn.
"oh my gosh that's zayn!" said Coral. "You were right Ava they're here!"
I smiled and started to jog after Zayn. We turned a corner but didn't see Zayn anywhere.
"Oh hellooo," said a man in a stripped shirt wearing an obvious fake mustache also with a very obvious fake English accent.
"Louis," I said with a skepticle smile.
He smiled and gestured to a door and still in his fake accent he said, "You're late for class, I believe it is this way,"
So I let Corals hand go and decided to go to "class" or wherever teacher Tomlinson was telling me to go.

When I opened the door, sure enough, there was Niall. I smiled and ran to him. He hugged me tight and spun me around.
"what are you doing here?" I asked, excited.
"we ended early because some shows got canceled!" he said.
I couldn't believe it, my knight in shining armor was back. We kissed a little and Niall said, "I missed you more than words can describe, Ava."
I had to admit it was a bit cheesey but I loved it anyways and said, "I missed you too Niall."
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