The Roller Coaster That Is Life

When I heard his soft, Irish accent say my name, I about lost it. For a split second, the chaos around me faded. Here I was, staring into those gorgeous blue eyes, frozen. Finially, as reality snapped back into place, he said it again, "Ava right?" all I could register was a nod and in return he gave me the slightest, most adorable grin I had ever seen and said "I'm Niall Horan."

That was the day that my life whipped out of place, from normal to insane, the day my roller coaster flipped, twirled, and spiraled out of control.


4. The World Wants to Know

"I can't believe this," Coral said as we walked through the aisles of Target. "you met Niall Horan, you talked to Niall Horan, you hangout with Niall Horan, and now you're going to dinner with Niall Horan!" her faced looked completely in awe while I just smiled. She shook her head, "I don't get how you're just soooo irresistible, A" I laughed "oh coral, no ones more irresistible than you." we finially got to the nail polish aisle, which was like heaven. "oh and you met Danielle Peazer and Eleanor Calder right? They better not replace me hun, i mean it," coral said as she bent down to look at a glimmering row of purple polish. "that's impossible, coral,you know you'll always be my number one," I said kneeling near her to check out the vast expanse of blues. "that's right," she said with her little smirk. "and don't you forget it oh and how was Harry? I can't wait to meet him." she said with her eyes closed and smiling. "he was, uhm, intersting," i said with a giggle. i decided on an aqua blue-green nail polish and Coral decided on a lavender color. Then we were just cruising around Target when Coral stopped abruptly, her eyes on something on a shelf next to her. I came and stood at her side, suddenly almost falling over as it came into focus. There, right in front of our faces, we're four different magazines all whose covers read "Niall Horans girlfriend?" or "who is Niall's mystery girl?" I couldn't believe it, it had only been one day and already news had gotta out about Niall and I just hanging out. I stared at the picture of Niall and I at Starbucks, then at Coral. Simultaneously, she looked at me. A smile crept across her face, "babe, you're famous" I stepped back "am not, this is just a small publicity phase, they think something's going on between Niall and I so they're getting excited, it'll pass." coral threw her head back and laughed, "Ava, are you denying that something is 'going on' with you and Niall?" I blushed and grabbed her and started walking to the cashier to buy our nail polish. "no, well I mean, I don't know!" who was I kidding. I knew perfectly well that niall and I had something. When we got back to our apartment, we googled "Ava Holloway" pictures from Starbucks came up as well as a bunch of links to websites that had articles that said "Nialls new girlfriend" or "Niall Horan of one direction and his mystery girl" and "directioners around the world want to know who is this girl with Niall?" coral turned to me in her swivel computer chair. She grabbed her hair brush and held it like a microphone and said in her best announcer voice, "so, Ava, the world wants to know, who is Niall Horans mystery hottie?"
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