The Roller Coaster That Is Life

When I heard his soft, Irish accent say my name, I about lost it. For a split second, the chaos around me faded. Here I was, staring into those gorgeous blue eyes, frozen. Finially, as reality snapped back into place, he said it again, "Ava right?" all I could register was a nod and in return he gave me the slightest, most adorable grin I had ever seen and said "I'm Niall Horan."

That was the day that my life whipped out of place, from normal to insane, the day my roller coaster flipped, twirled, and spiraled out of control.


2. Just Chatting

"h-h- hi" I said trying to pull myself together.
"are you alright, Ava?" as he said this he handed me my frappiccino which clearly had my name scribbled across the side of it.
I finially built up enough confidence to act normal and hide my excitement . So I grabbed my frappiccino and said "yeah, I'm good, thanks" with a shy smile. Then I realized a small group of people had sort of gathered near us, watching.
"would you like to sit down with me for a bit?" said Niall, completely ignoring the group that seemed to be getting bigger.
"sure," this time I couldn't help smiling my full smile and I followed him to a small table in the corner of Starbucks.
Soon we were off talking for what seemed like hours. I asked him about what life was like on tour and what he liked to do on his free time, all that cliche stuff. It was a little weird that most of the stuff he told me I had already known because of the directioner inside me, but it was also amazing to hear it from him in person. He asked me about school and my interest in fashion and music and just life in general. He told me that him and the boys were going to be staying in San Diego for a month just for a break.
"really? That's great," I said. "maybe we'll see each other again sometime"
"I was actually hoping that we could see each other again tonight," there was that smile of his again. "our concert is tonight and I was just thinking maybe you would like to come and hangout backstage with us."
I blushed like crazy and my mind went crazy. The thought of being backstage hanging out with one direction during their concert gave me the butterflies. I couldn't believe any of this.
"uhm yeah definitely! I mean, that sounds like fun." I was having a really hard time playing it cool but whatever I was doing was working.
"great, I'll meet you there tonight at about 6," his accent made my heart race, and again all I could do was nod.
And with a promising hug and a "it was very nice to meet you, Ava" he was gone. Just like that.
I had a mini heart attack once I remembered Coral. But I soon found her reading Vogue on one of the couches. When she saw me she jumped out of her seat and started bouncing around.
"oh my god, Ava! That was- , you were just-, oh my god!"
I giggled a bit and tried to stop her bouncing by putting my hands on her shoulders. "I know! I was just, ya know, chatting with Niall Horan!"
She squealed and we both took a few breaths to calm down.
"so?" she said.
"he invited me backstage at their concert tonight to hangout with him,"
The sides of Corals mouth curled up into a smile and she linked here arm in mine, "jealous."
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