The Roller Coaster That Is Life

When I heard his soft, Irish accent say my name, I about lost it. For a split second, the chaos around me faded. Here I was, staring into those gorgeous blue eyes, frozen. Finially, as reality snapped back into place, he said it again, "Ava right?" all I could register was a nod and in return he gave me the slightest, most adorable grin I had ever seen and said "I'm Niall Horan."

That was the day that my life whipped out of place, from normal to insane, the day my roller coaster flipped, twirled, and spiraled out of control.


6. Bonding

After my date with Niall, things had gotten crazy. Pictures from the resturaunt as well as burger king were posted every where and during an interview, Niall told the world that it was official and that we're going to make it work. So I had a hard time going places without being asked about Niall or getting photographed. But to get away from the craziness, Eleanor, Danielle, Coral and I did some girl bonding and bowling. While we were sitting around in my room painting nails, they all gathered around me to hear about my date with Niall.
"okay, spill," said Coral.
"yeah, tell us the details that not even the paparazzi got," Eleanor said, scooting closer.
Danielle agreed with a nod, and I began to tell them about everything. From the fancy dinner that we couldn't eat or even pronounce, to the kiss under the stars.
"it was by far the best night of my life," I said as the story ended. The girls smiled and sighed.
"how romantic," said Coral with closed eyes.
Danielle bursted out laughing, "he really said 'I'd rather not eat Nemo'?!" she continued to laugh. I noded and began laughing too because of how hilarious she thought it was. Soon, we were all laughing for no reason at all. I looked around at them mid-laugh, and thought again about how lucky I was. Once the laughing died down and our nails were dry, we decided to go bowling. So we all jumped into Eleanor's car and sang along to every song that played on the radio the whole ride there. When we started playing, we all realized how bad we were at bowling, and then here was another episode of uncontrollable laughing at the bowling alley. While we were all trying to steady ourselves from our crazy laughing, we barely noticed a small group of girls that had come up next to us.
"you're Ava Holloway, Danielle Peazer, and Eleanor Calder right?" one of them said with a very nasty look on her face.
"um yeah," the three of us said, our smiles fading.
Another girl stepped closer, "listen, we don't want you here, we hate you all for stealing our boys away from us." my heart started beating so fast and hard. None of us said a word.
More of the girls stepped forward and one of them said, "all three of you are bitches and you only like Niall, Liam, and Louis because they're famous so back off and let them have someone who actually cares about them."
Danielle lost it, "woah okay just stop. You have no idea how much we love our boys because of who they are. You dont even know us so how dare you say something like that."
The other girls just rolled their eyes, arms folded.
"you expect us to believe anything you say?" said one of the fans. But before any of us could get a word out, the five fans started screaming at us and actually kicked me in the stomach.
I bent over, by now I was incredibly scared. Coral grabbed my hand, and started running, I looked back and saw that Eleanor and Dani were close behind us running as well. As we ran, I could feel my heart beating even faster and my vision began to blur. Through my foggy eyesight I could see flashes of bright light that I soon realized were paparazzis getting pictures of what would be tomorrows headlines. It was dark when we got outside of the bowling alley, we kept running until we were on the side of the building. All four of us collapsed. I could barely breathe and my stomach felt like it was going to explode. After what seemed like hourse of sitting on the cold cement, trying to catch our breaths, I felt myself slowly slipping into sleep. I couldnt help it, as this blanket of involuntary sleep surrounded me, I felt someone pick me up and carry me away. Away from the drama away from the pain, away from the craziness, and then the sleep consumed me.
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