The Roller Coaster That Is Life

When I heard his soft, Irish accent say my name, I about lost it. For a split second, the chaos around me faded. Here I was, staring into those gorgeous blue eyes, frozen. Finially, as reality snapped back into place, he said it again, "Ava right?" all I could register was a nod and in return he gave me the slightest, most adorable grin I had ever seen and said "I'm Niall Horan."

That was the day that my life whipped out of place, from normal to insane, the day my roller coaster flipped, twirled, and spiraled out of control.


12. Around Town

The next morning, I woke up kind of early. I looked at my phone and the time said 5:25am. I groaned while trying to calculate the time difference between Mullingar and San Diego. 8 hours, it's 9:25pm there. I flopped over on my back and looked over at the window to my right, the blue silk curtains were open only slightly, letting a stream of dim morning light flow through. I heard a small clanking noise that sounded like it was coming from the Horans' kitchen. I found it as an opportunity to get up and chat with whoever it was, considering I could obviously not sleep anymore. As I got out of bed and slipped down the hallway in my fuzzy socks, plaid pajama pants, and baggy sweatshirt, I thought about Nial, and I again. It was all so perfect, I couldn't get enough of him.
I quietly shuffled down the stairs and slipped into the kitchen, where I found Mr. Horan stirring some tea on the dark granite counter. He looked up and gave a crooked smile much like Nialls, and said, "Well g'morning, couldn't sleep more eh?"
I joined him and the counter and laughed lightly, "yep, jet lag I suspect. How about you?"
He grabbed another cup from the cabinet and stirred some tea for me,"this about the time I wake up most everyday!" he chuckled and continued, "Surpriesed the boy isn't up yet, he usual has the jet lag when he gets home for tourin an all."
I took the tea and enjoyed a big sip of it, burning my toungue. I coughed and stuck my toungue out, trying to cool it. Niall's dad just had a fit of laughter "well ya ain't supposed to drink it all in one sip mi lady!"
Despite my face flushing a dark pink, I laughed with him and set the tea down, "guess I just got too excited!

"Well you two sure are noisy," came a drowsy voice from the kitchen door.
I looked at the sleepy Niall leaning in the doorway smiling. His hair was all messy, but it was adorable. I walked over to him and hugged him, "Well good morning my sleepy little lepraucan"
He smiled and put a strand of my hair behind me ear, "good morning, beautiful." I blushed and remembered his dad was behind us, "Your father and I were just having a good laugh about how clumsy I am" I giggled. "Oh yes, smart girl she is eh!" mr. Horan said with a chuckle and a wink as he walked out into the living room. I shook my head and smiled, turning to Niall. "Jet lag?" he asked. I nodded. He nodded back and rubbed his eyes, "me too" he said with a laugh.

A few hours later, after the others had woken and we had all had a nice breakfast, I was back upstairs in the guest room getting ready for my day out with Greg and Niall. I wanted to be comfortable so I put on some skinny jeans, a white v-neck and a blue cardigan, with some brown boots. I grabbed my purse and took a quick glance in the mirror thinking to myself, Coral would be proud. I laughed to myself and headed downstairs where everyone was waiting.
"Have a good time! Don't take her to the bar boys, ye hear me? No Niall, I don't care what ya want, no bars! And Greg, what'd I tell ya about that sweater? Don't wear it again, be happy I'm not makin ya change! Okay go on now, text me when youre on your way home! And Ava dear, enjoy Mullingar." I laughed at the scolding she did at the two boys and smiled at her, "thank you miss horan, I will." "oh please! Call me Maura, darling!" I nodded and with a wave to Mr. horan, we were off.

First we arrived at this beautiful garden/farm area, it had no sign or any people so I was a bit confused, "what's this?" I asked, hopping out of Greg's car.
Niall took my hand as we walked towards the feild and flowers. Greg came beside us to explain, "this is where Niall and I used to go when we just wanted to get away," he looked out at the vast feild. "yeah, or just ta have a good time," Niall added. "We would race all the time," Niall smirked at Greg, egging him on. Greg got the hint and took off running, shouting back at Niall, "yeah and I'd always win!" Niall laughed and ran after him, pulling me along with him. I laughed and ran with Niall until he stopped and we both fell to the ground laughing. We sat up still laughing, Greg joined us, breathing hard. "again?" he asked eagerly. "no!" Niall and I said at once. We laughed once again and just sat there for what seemed like hours, just talking about Greg and Nialls childhood stories. It was great, just connecting with them, learning more and more about Niall.

Soon it was lunch time, "NANDOS!!" Niall shouted. Greg and I laughed and agreed. Once we got there, Niall put up his hood and sunglasses on, preparing for the fans. Fortunately enough for us, no one actually recognized Niall or I, it was actually pretty nice. After lunch, Greg and Niall said that we were going back to their house. "Aw why? We just got started!" I said.
Greg and Niall laughed, "Don't worry babe," Niall said winking at me. He continued, "We have to go home to get ready for the party!"

I laughed doubtfully, "party?"
Niall and Greg looked at each other, back at me, and then said simultaneously in an American accent, "PARTY TIME"
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