Stuck in the middle

Being as close as a friend to Liam that I am, I never thought I'd end up here. Stuck between a battle of love with Niall and Liam, life is just beginning.


2. Surprise!

We walked outside into the sunset and seen tables of food, lights hanging from chairs and people scattered everywhere. Niall led me to the table of food, as he grabbed three plates full of food and I got some punch. We sat down at the picnik table a little away from everyone. I slurped up my punch as Niall pigged out, chomping on some chips and hotdogs. After we were done eating, we walked off into the distance, near the woods. " Come here, I have something to show you. " Niall said while dragging me further into the woods. We came to a stop and he dropped my hand, then turned me around. " Your birthday is next week..and I may not be here to celebrate it with you. So I got your a present. " He stared into my eyes and pulled out a navy blue box. He glanced from the box to my eyes every half second, as he slowly opened the box I noticed something very shiny. He pulled out a diamond necklace in the shape of an S, for Samantha. I gasped in disbelief of how beautiful it was! He turned me around and lifted up my hair as he put the necklace around my neck. I turned around and hugged him repeating " Thank you so much! " He said it looked beautiful on me, and smiled really big. We both leaned in for a hug, as I closed my eyes I felt him kissing me. I was surprised so I pulled away, quickly. " I'm sorry.. " he said. I just smiled and told him we better get back to the party.
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