Stuck in the middle

Being as close as a friend to Liam that I am, I never thought I'd end up here. Stuck between a battle of love with Niall and Liam, life is just beginning.


6. Saying Goodbye

I woke up with the window blowing in my hair and the sunlight peeking through the tree. After realizing where I was, I jumped up and went crazy. Niall came from behind the tree and told me to calm down, that everything was alright. I sat back down and asked what time it was, " 2:30 " Niall answered quickly. " We slept all day? Under a tree! " I shouted, he just laughed and helped me up. We began to pack our things as he grabbed my arm towards him. " Yeah Niall? " I asked. " I'm leaving at America. " he said..I couldn't breathe. So many thoughts ran through my mind, I tried to speak but nothin came out except tears. He pulled me close to him and hugged me tight, with my head lying against his warm chest. He lifted my chin up and told me to promise him something, to text him everyday remember hell be home soon. We showed up at his house around 3:15. He rushed upstairs to pack his things. running down the stairs we got into his mums minivan as she drove us to the airport. His plan was leaving in 20 minutes, so we didn't have time to say goodbye to each other. We hugged for about 30 seconds, and finally, I leaned in fr the kiss. It was a long passionate kiss, as I smiled in between it. He giggled as we hugged again and he took off into the terminal.
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